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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Further Adventures of UnderGore!

The saga of UnderGore continues:

Al Gore says global warming is a reality, but a Climate Scientist doesn't necessarily agree with "Professor of Earth Sciences Gore".

So much of the above contradicts "The Albert Gore, Jr. Movie", it's no surprise that Professor Gore failed to mention it. And animated polar bears, Albert...C'mon!

Have you watched the short film of Albert Gore, Jr., and Company spewing CO2 around the globe? It's fantastic. It's the one titled: "Special web-only bonus, on the occasion of the release of An Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore's Big, Fat Carbon Footprint."

Why is it elitists like Gore and Company want to reserve their airplanes and SUV's for only themselves, asking the rest of us to be the ones that sacrifice?

There is dispute whether or not Gore and Company walked or took a SUV motorcade. One thing is certain, while he may have walked somewhere, he did travel by SUV motorcade to the Cannes festival, when he could have walked.

**Tipper and Albert Gore, Jr.

The Al Gore's

(Sung to the theme song of "The Flintstones"):

Al Gore's, meet the Al Gore's, they're a modern-day age family
Polluting the globe with CO2
From their private jets and SUV's

Someday, maybe Al will be the President
But more likely, just another U.S. resident

When you're with the Al Gore's
You'll have a pollutin' hootin' boring time,
An all out boring time,
A pollutin', hootin' boring time!

"There's no need to fear global warming, why, UnderGore is swarming!"

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