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Sunday, April 09, 2006

United 93: Too Soon? Not Soon Enough?

This weekend is the first time that I saw commercials for the theatrical film "United 93" which chronicles the flight that was presumably on path to be flown into the White House or Congressional building(s).

News reports are out there that the trailer, now being run in movie theaters, has some audience members reacting that it is too soon to release this film. Is it too soon? Is it not soon enough?

In just about five months from now we will hit the five year anniversary of September 11, 2001. In our 'I don't even remember last week' and our disposable goods and products society, do we even stop to think about what happened on September 11, 2001, anymore? Do we stop to honor those that died in the terrible terrorist attacks that day? Do we stop to honor the First Responders, the Fire Fighters, the Police, the Emergency Medical Technicians, the Doctors and Nurses, the Hospitals, and especially the laymen and women who put aside their own well-being and offered their aid and assistance to the people in the eye of the storm?

Many people, mostly Liberals, are stuck in a mentality of September 10, 2001. Don't deny it Liberals. For you made it unequivocally clear in the 2004 election when you used September 11, 2001, as political propaganda and as a political tool. You demean the men and women fighting in this war. You demean the mission. You Monday Morning Quarterback any decision or strategy that is made to make not only the United States, but the World, safer from terrorism. You claim to have a plan to combat terrorism but all that comes out of your mouths is political rhetoric camouflaged as nothing more than your hope that it will allow you to return your sorry asses to a Congressional Majority come this November.

You might argue - falsely - that the President uses September 11 as a political tool. Well, I ask you, has the United States experienced another terrorist attack since that day?

The Bush Administration has every legitimate reason to tout their success on the war against terrorism. And Liberals, if it was your man in the White House you'd be touting that we haven't had another attack as a success too. Don't pretend for one second that you wouldn't.

I'm looking forward to seeing "United 93". I can only imagine that it will not be an easy film to watch. Nothing based on a historical catastrophe is. Nothing requiring the audience to relive a disaster is. Nothing requiring emotion, thought and loss ever is.

I don't think it's too soon for "United 93" to be in theaters. In some ways I think it is a bit late, for the very reasons stated above.

What do you think?

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Law Hawk

I think the problem here is you're not talking about real liberals, you're talking about posers. something's happened in the last 50 years, I'm not quite sure what it is, but I meet more people who are conservative and are actually closer to what you would call a real liberal, than the ones that are thumping their chests calling themselves that. maybe you get laid more if you call yourself a liberal, I have no idea. frankly the whole thing of pigeonholing stinks anyway. but if I'm to be labeled, call me liberal even though I cannot stand abortion. call me liberal, even though I would've rather us attacked Iran instead of a Iraq. I cannot help but support the troops, because too many members of my family up in the Armed Forces. you know I respect you highly, but I feel from the story you just posted, that you may be succumbing to the ideology that everyone on the left is bad and everything on the right is correct. frankly I don't think either side has all it's oars in the water, and if we continue this division, nothing meaningful ever get accomplished. the easiest way to conquer is to divide, just look at history, don't just listen to me. we are ripe for conquering. don't argue this one with me, argue it with the history books.
Hi Rev. Thanks for the words. I'm pretty sure you're being serious, so I'll respond in kind.

I'm using the definition that Liberals use in defining themselves these days; that of worshipping at the Shrine of Abortion at any and all cost, those that find fault with everything and anything done or enacted by their political opposition, those that Monday Morning Quarterback every decision made by the Bush Admin., (Katrina, tax relief, the war on terror, the economy, the false mantra that this war is about Oil, etc etc).

Now, I'm not saying you buy into that, I don't think you do. But that is what I think defines the Liberals of today.

Readers who've read my blog for any length of time know I have ripped Republicans and Conservatives a "new one" when I disagreed with them. I spent the end of December and early January with lengthy posts on what appears to be their involvement in the Johnny Gosch abduction and its connections to The Franklin Cover-Up.

I don't personally think I am succumbing to the ideology that everything Left is bad. But the Left has fallen down flat on their job of SHOWING me what they have of substance to offer.

When I hear from presidential nominee Kerry that his platform includes negotiating with terrorists, Geeezus Keee-Rist, man - that tells me all I need to know. When I hear Gore, or Harry Reid, or Kennedy grandstanding on an issue which, if it were their boy in the White House, my how they'd have a different song to sing, it tells me all I need to know about The Left.

No, I don't think "everyone" on the Left is like them, but "they" are the ones that have been elected to office, and I'm pretty sure it ain't republicans or conservatives that are voting for them.

Nor am I arguing with you-it's a friendly debate or exchange of ideas.

I agree that history shows the easiest way to conquer is to divide. Where I disagree is, with who is doing the dividing, which through my eyes, is the left, and not the right.

Conservatives actually worked with Clinton and the democrats during his two terms to get things done. I see no reciprocation of the part of the Left to do the same, now that they are the minority.

Peace Rev!
There have been two T.V. movies of Flight 93 - what's the problem. If you can watch tons of other movie clips - you SHOULD watch this one! Great post Drake Man
Oh, agree fully, Chrys. I'm not one of the "it's too soon" crowd, although I DO understand why some may say and feel that way.

I believe we're going to see at least one, if not two, Katrina films out before year end, and I don't hear anyone saying "it's too soon" about that.
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