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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Left: Limiting Free Speech One Word At A Time

Oh, The Left is all for free speech and claims to be the party that promotes different opinions so that the outcome is what's best for the people. Nice try, but when it comes to an open exchange of ideas and philosophy, the truth is, the Left doesn't want to hear anything but their own voice and their own ideas.

Brian C. Anderson, writing for City Journal, brings the following to our attention:

The Left wants to take away Free Speech. Yes they do, no matter how much they say they don't. And they're going to take away Free Speech through not only McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform but they're going to use the Fairness Doctrine.

Oh, that's Crazy Talk, you say, that can never happen. It's already happening.

The Liberal Radio Network, AirHead America, doesn't have any listeners. Instead of competing in the world of The Free Market and Survival of The Fittest, the Left is trying to legislate a fairer playing field. Fair Play via legislation, gee, where have we heard that before?

Along with legislation that will force the media to give as much time and attention to unpopular and unheard AirHead America Propaganda, the Left wants to restrict the Free Speech of Bloggers. Yes they do!

What's the Left up to now? Attempting to restore the Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine provided equal time for opposing political views back in the days when there only were three television networks, minimal FM radio and a half dozen, if that, clear channel AM radio stations from which to choose.

Now, with cable television, satellite radio, the blogosphere, the internet and myriads of alternative media, what's happening? The Truth About Liberals is getting out and the Left doesn't like it.

For decades the Left had their lock on the media and they don't much like having lost it. The Left wants to put the cat back into the bag and they plan to do this by putting the Fairness Doctrine back into play. The Left wants to control the content of the internet, bloggers, and alternative media. Basically, the Left wants to control any media outlets that disagree with, or, criticizes their Messages of Propaganda.

The Left began their mission by pushing for campaign finance reform and found their sympathetic patsy in Arizona's Republican Senator John McCain. He paired up with Wisconsin Democrat Senator Russ Feingold creating the Free Speech quelling McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform. This was another attempt by the Left to level the playing field in fundraising because the Left found themselves unable to raise as much cash as the Right. Poor babies!

Instead of working harder and smarter in the Free Market to fundraise, the Left sought, and got, a more level playing field through legislative edict via McCain-Feingold. Never mind that McCain-Feingold works more against the Right than it does the Left, for the Left still has their Sugar Daddy George Soros and a campaign money laundering system that is the envy of drug lords and the Mafia.

Why, the Liberal group Democracy 21 doesn't want Free Speech to extend to the blogosphere:
The Left, once again, unable to compete in the Free Market, unable to put a dent in Conservative Talk Radio, unable to dominate the media the way they used to in the days of no cable, no satellite, and a minimal internet presence, feels they are entitled to level the playing field by legislation, judicial caveat, and by mandating regulations that will apply only... to... their...opposition:
So how does the Left respond? By working harder within the Blogosphere to get their view heard? No, that would require work, why, a Liberal Blogger may break into a sweat. It's easier just to push through legislation and elitist edict to make it a more fair playing field.

The Left is a funny bunch, indeed. Listen to any of them and they will invariably mention George Orwell's "1984", reading and quoting passages from it, applying Orwellian scenarios onto Republicans and Conservatives. This is boulderdash! If anyone is practicing turning this country into a "1984"-like reality it is the Left. The Left reads what Orwell wrote, and warned us about, as their idea of Their Perfect Utopia.

Does it get more Orwellian than what DNC Chairman Mao Howard Dean said in 2003:

Any question that the Left always, always seeks to find the easy way out, by just appointing people who will do their bidding for them. Rather Satan-esque, how they operate - yes?

For Liberals there is no end to their rights and no beginning to their responsibilities. When they cannot compete in the arena of the Free Market they seek legislation to level the playing field. When they feel their voice is not being heard, they conclude that it is not because they are being heard and their message is being tuned out - oh no - they blame the medium and the messenger, not the message itself.
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Basil's Blog

Not only in media!

Check out who is behind censoring video games? Here is a hint, they all have a "D" next to their names.
I know Hillary started with her protests about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas a few months back.

Also to note, to be fair-the linked article by Brian C. Anderson-DOES NOTE that there are about three dozen Republicans going along with the Left on the Fairness Doctrine idea. I don't know what they're thinking.

Thanks for writing.
Never been to a blog that cited sources without any links (except to the guy at City Journal).

Now, I'm not saying you're a mindless ideologue who makes up garbage conspiracy theories and then yells them into the void. (Although I considered it...)

I'm just saying that it's shifty to pull quotes out of nowhere and then use them to condemn a made-up entity called "The Left."
Really Lons? Then who writes your blog for you? Whew, talk about rambling posts without any linkage...like your speeding ticket tome where you had to have your "Daddy" pay the fine. Exhilirating!

I'm not saying your ignorant of reality, or that you refuse to see anything beyond your blinders (Although I consider it..wait, I changed my mind, you are all those things and more.)

A "made-up entity called 'The Left'." Whoa, cut back on the Absinthe. Or maybe increase the dosage, I'm not sure which.

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.
If someone were to ask me which side (left or right) would want to regulate free speech (ie radio shows, movies, tv programs), I would want to say the "right". I'm looking at it from the standpoint of inappropriate things (swearing, nudity, homosexuality, etc) being promoted through free speech.

So this seems odd to me... why would a group of people who want to be able to do and say anything they want without being regulated want to restrict free speech? Wouldn't that eventually come back to bite them in the ass?

I suppose it is the same old story... restrict those who you are in disagreement with in order to promote what you do agree with.

On the other hand, I am all for some type of restriction when it comes to what I see on tv or hear on the radio... so am I a hypocrit?

It's all so confusing these days.
Hi Phoenix. Appreciate you comments as always.

I don't know or think "for sure" that either side wants to limit free speech in regard to our speech. I think we hit a slippery slop with McCain Feingold, and if we start sliding down that hill, I don't think it we'll ever stop.

I think the FCC could lighten up somewhat on broadcast television is allowed to say or use, but again, once "X" words are allowed, do we begin that slipper slop to all other words? "NYPD Blue" managed to use a**hole, sh*t and a couple other words and it was believeable without them using the F word, or did they? I don't recall.

I don't think you're a hypocrite at all, you ask the same questions that I do -- that many of us do.

Applying the Fairness Doctrine tho, is just plain bad law in what the Left wants to do regarding "Equal Time". They have "Equal Time" with their radio network. Just because No One is listening to it, doesn't seem to me to mean that people should be forced to hear what they have to say, when they have their medium, the network, to get their message out.

They don't want to seem to let the market set the pace in this instance, and that is what my gripe is about.

Thanks for making me think further on this issue, as usual, your comments are always thought provoking. Stay well, friend.
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