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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rob "MEATHEAD" Reiner Caught in SCANDAL!

Rob "Meathead" Reiner, anti-tobacco activist and incredibly overweight, fat, obese liberal human has committed a No-No:

Obese Wonder: Rob "Meathead" Reiner
Eric Cartman: "I just love Rob Reiner. He just goes around imposing his will on other people. I want to be just like him."

And, from HERE, something I like to call the "Get Me A Lotion Coated Tissue To Dry My Tears" Department:
Oh, Woo Hoo, Ma'am, Excuse MEEEEEEEE, Ma'am but please CONTROL YOUR ANGER. Please remove your ANGER from my person, it's deleterious to MY health. It appears Mrs. Reiner is in dire need of ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES. Quick - some celebrity needs to start up a funded-by-the-taxpayer organization to help Mrs. Reiner control her HOSTILITY!

All together now: "Oh Dat's So Sad!" Oh, Michelle, Tsk-Tsk. You know, your husband, with his massive obesity, is a health risk and a health cost-factor to all taxpayers. The risks are far more serious than if he were a...oh, I don't know...a

I'm sure ol' Rob will feel better after eating a dozen Key Lime Pies, a crate of Oreos, and a ranch or two of beef cattle.
Michelle, people make fat jokes about your husband because HE'S A FAT TUB OF LARD! And he imposes his Liberal-I-Know-Best-For-You-Attitude on people of whom he has no right to do so.

If he doesn't want to be the BUTT of FAT JOKES, have him drop a couple of tons. It's that simple!

I wonder how the MSM would be reporting this story if it concerned a conservative celebrity. Hmmmm, I'm sure the MSM would be just as sympathetic, yes?

H/T: SactoDan

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