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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

MrsSatan: The Anointed One

Listen to any of the Super Idiots on AirHead America and you're likely to hear them profess that they would "love to have Hillary Clinton be our next president for she'd make a great president."

And my response to them is: Why? Please explain. On what, other than pure partisan politics, do you base your statement?

And of course, their reasoning for wanting to see her in the White House is based only on political tit-for-tat. Any democrat, as long as it's a democrat, is what it comes down to. The Left would prefer to have the most unqualified, corrupt, immoral and sneaky individual in the White House as long as its a democrat, instead of a candidate who is competent and experienced for the job. And maybe I'm really stretching, for there is no one in the democratic party who is eligible or qualified for the White House.

So we can safely assume that the democratic candidate for president in 2008 will be, without a doubt, MrsSatan, for she is "entitled" to it.

The biggest and best setback that could be delivered to her is for New York to not re-elect her as their senator. C'mon NY'ers, I know you're smarter and more sophisticated than to fall for her subterfuge again. It's time to turn up the heat - right now - and deny her her second term. She lied to you over and over and over again.

In Part One of a Seven Part Series detailing the corruptness of MrsSatan, Joan Swirsky writes:

Hmmmm, not enough of a reason to vote her out of office? Then maybe these tid-bits will persuade New York to deny her her re-election:
Does it get more explosive than that? Well, it must, since there are six more parts of the series to follow.

Can you, in your wildest imagination, picture any conservative politician accused of only ten percent of what MrsSatan is either accused of or has actually committed, being re-elected to their congressional seat? Why, just ask Trent Lott, Bob Livingston or Bob Packwood.

Ladies, how do you feel about electing a woman to the White House, or re-electing a woman to the Senate, who is the definition of misogynist?

Ladies, how do you feel about electing a woman who stood by her man as her husband cheated on her time after time after time, and then lied about it?

The Lefty's justify the lies by saying "he [Bill Clinton] only lied about sex." This is far from the actual truth. He did lie about sex, but he lied about it in order to deny a woman, Paula Jones, her rightful day in court!

How much more abuse of women, abuse of law, and abuse of power by the Clintons will the American public allow?

Lower the Limbo Pole, Ladies and Gentlemen, there's a new tactic in town. It's called
"Propping Up MrsSatan For 2008 No Matter How Unqualified She Is."

MrsSatan: She "Feels Your Pain." She should, because she's inflicting it.
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