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Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm Calling For A Recount!

What's going on HERE!?!?

I am in possession of solid exit polling information that I was leading by a huge margin in the vote tally. Something is obviously awry, thus, I have hired Albert Gore, Jr., as my attorney, and we have filed the necessary legal papers in seeking a recount.

Now, Albert has advised me to not say too much here, so I must refrain from going into too much detail. However, we have heard from reliable sources that many voters who were under the impression that they were voting for my blog, actually had their vote mistakenly counted for Patrick J. Buchanan, whose name and blog weren't even among the candidates!

"David Drake will not rest until a recount, several recounts if necessary, are thoroughly conducted," said his attorney, Albert Gore, Jr.

Additional voters have e-mailed me stating they felt disenfranchised, as being intimidated from casting their ballot, and that the ballot was confusing and misleading.

I also understand that some voting locations were unclear about which time zone was selected in determining the midnight deadline. Further, absentee ballots have not yet been counted and I don't know how a winner can be declared without knowing those results.

Mr. Gore will be contacting you and until all the votes have been counted, we cannot consider the results conclusive.

Congratulations on your "Best So Far" Humor Blog Honorable Mention, January 2006 presented by Bloggin' Outloud. Keep up the great work. Lyn
Maybe you can do the "ballot stuffing" next time - Hush! There are a lot of good laughs out there! "Last minute" voting is ALWAYS heavy! Has to do a lot with how many regular readers you can call on to vote last minute.
That may be so, but I voted for you twice, so shut the h*** up!!
Thanks for the comments -- the recount was all in the spirit of fun. Thanks to those that thought this blog worthy enough to vote for as well.

Thanks for playing along Lyn.

Modesto...do I know you?
lol, if you don't know Modesto (neither do I) then really be quiet...he may be with the Mexican mafia.
Hey Lyn -

Naaah, I know Modesto. I'm just giving him a hard time.
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