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Monday, February 13, 2006

Hunting 101

The Left is proving once again that they know nothing, or very little, of what they speak. This morning the Lefty Talking Heads were simply dumbfounded at how someone could be shot and suffer simultaneous wounds in the face, chest, and arms as did the person Hunting with Vice President Dick Cheney. Well, if it had been a single, solitary bullet, it wouldn't have happened that way.

The fact is, it was a shotgun shell composed of several pellets, mini-BB's, if you will...it's called "birdshot". Once this type of shell, or "bullet" exits the shotgun barrel, the mini-BB's spread out into a circular pattern kind of like the water ripples that you see when you toss a rock into a pond. These BB's are designed in this way to spread out into a pattern and this type of shell is designed for hunting birds, ducks, and other fowl because it is difficult to hit these targets, some in flight, with a single, solitary shot, or "bullet".

My dad hunted, as did his brothers and his brothers-in-law. My brothers hunt. I hunt. Many of my friends in high school and college hunt. Many of those I hang with today hunt. So I think I have some insight into the safety of hunting.

The number one rule in hunting is that you never point your gun at something unless you intend to kill it.

The number two rule is you never forget Rule One.

I'm sure fellow hunters may debate the order of what rules follow Rules One and Two. But essentially, when hunting in a group, you always advise the members in your hunting party when you are leaving the group AND when you are returning to the group. Mr. Whittingon did not advise the hunting party of his presence.

You also do not shoot in the direction of your kill if you are not certain that it is clear of people. This is very different from following and tracking a bird in flight in your site, say a pheasant, waiting for the moment to know you have said prey in your site and pulling the trigger. At this fraction of a second, as you pull the trigger, if someone unknown to you suddenly sticks their face or body in front of or near the barrel of your gun, they have put themselves in harm way. And this is what happened, from all that I've read and heard today, to the man hunting with VP Cheney.

People get shot in hunting accidents, that is a fact. Most are non-life threatening, otherwise Sarah Brady and those like her would be making sure that hunting accident stories resulting in a death were never taken off the front page.

And despite the efforts of the anti-gun-nutt crowd, the hunters I know and hunt with DO NOT EVER mix liquor before hunting. You wait until you are done hunting for the day before you pour yourself a cocktail. The hunters I know will refuse to allow someone who has been imbibing to join their hunting party. That's just the way it.

But none of this is something the Left will grasp or understand. They don't want to understand this, for it works against and contradicts their beliefs, and God knows, they cannot allow facts to get in the way of their beliefs. Not on hunting, not on anything.

Afterthought: It's both funny and sickening how the Main Stream Media whips up the allegation that the Vice President's Office wasn't more forthcoming in releasing the hunting accident information. Why, gee, I seem to recall that it took forever for the MSM to report on the Juanita Broderick charges that she was raped by Bill Clinton.

Oh wait, the MSM still hasn't reported on that story. Silly me.
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*HERE you can see various type of ammo, including #8 birdshot and buckshot (larger "BB's) in a field test from a site that I found.
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