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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

MrsSatan "Recalibrates"

mrssatan says an immediate withdrawal from Iraq would be a "big mistake."

Hmmmmm...I always worry about liberals when they are either pro-military or pro-Constitution. Nothing is more scary than a Law and Order Liberal.

More of what MrsSatan said in the same linked article:

A RECALIBRATION ? Heh heh heh. That's so "Carvillian". Damn, what a choice of word selection. Was that word chosen so she isn't the target of Flip Flopping: "I Recalibrated after I Calibrated."

This hosebag, carpetbagging senator from New York is as transparent as the clear, plastic window coverings some people put up in the winter to prevent heat escaping and cold wind entering their homes.

And let's not forget about THIS SCANDAL involving MrsSatan and Bubba The Rapist.

    Some of those targeted by the IRS for audits were women who had accused President Clinton of unwanted sexual advances and even rape. These include Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broddrick and Elizabeth Ward Gracen.

    Also reported is that the primary reason for Hillary's vulnerability is that her college friend, Margaret Milner Richardson, headed the IRS at the time the alleged abuses occurred.

C'mon all you Raving, Rabid, Civil Liberty-Driven, Diseased, Jaundiced, Pea-Sized-Brain, Hate Spewing, Puking Liberals out there -- let me hear you cry "Civil Liberties, Civil Liberties!" Isn't that what you chanted About Nixon?

    As President Nixon used the IRS and the FBI to violate the constitutional rights of privacy and confidentiality, so Clinton has used the IRS and the FBI to file false charges against career civil servants who stood in the way of his political friends...

Of course, just like the item states, will the press investigate and connect-the-dots to MrsSatan and Bubba. Does a bear use toilet paper?

MrsSatan: Recalibrating Her Every Move

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