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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bi Polar Excuse - Sorry, Not Legitimate

So the man shot and killed in Miami was bipolar. That is unfortunate - to a point. What do you expect the result should be when anyone acts irrationally, screaming that they have a bomb? How is a Federal Marshal supposed to know if the threat is real, or if the person has a mental disorder.

Well, the Federal Marshals didn't know, they're not mind readers. So are they justified in shooting and killing someone making threats like those made by the man in Florida? Absolutely. So the man forgot to take his medication? Well, that's unfortunate, but not unfortunate enough to justify that his threat shouldn't be taken seriously.

Turn the Miami scenario around and let's say the man did have a bomb, set it off, and the plane was blown to pieces killing passengers and people on the ground. Of course the Left would criticize it as being "Bush's fault", in their teenie weenie micro-brains. They'd blame Homeland Security also. They'd be doing what the Left does best, Pointing Fingers of Blame.

No matter where you are, especially if in another country, even if you can't speak a word of the language, if you are confronted by law enforcement authorities and they are armed with guns, the thing to do is "Freeze". This is an action that doesn't require any fluency of native tongue.

I guess if you're bipolar, or suffer other imbalances, you or your loved ones should make sure you take your medication before you board an airplane, get on a bus or go out in public.

The other passengers on that Miami plane are alive and safe. And that's what matters.

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