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Monday, July 11, 2005

Srebrenica Remembered

It is ten years since the massacre. Victims still being buried.

An analysis of the political influences on this sad and tragic anniversary can be found HERE, by Edward S. Herman. (The numbers in [brackets] refer to his footnotes).

Consider (bolding mine):

Fact is, many of us were clued into why Clinton-Gore-Albright were doing what they were doing. Why? Well, it gave Bubba a chance to appear "tough" by dropping bombs, blowing up bridges and killing innocent people.

Herman continues:

And, in Mr. Hermans' conclusion:
What else was brewing in 1995...what was it? C'mon Libs, think real hard - what was it? Oh yeah, it was THIS !

(I've inserted [deleted] on what some may consider rather frank language used in the link.)

July 1995: Monica Lewinsky joins the White House, as an intern in the Chief of Staff's office.

13 Nov 1995: Monica Lewinsky accepts a full-time, paid position in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

15 Nov 1995: In the Chief of Staff's office, White House intern Monica Lewinsky pulls down her pants to show President Bill Clinton that she is wearing black thong underwear. In response, Clinton verbally indicates his approval. Later that evening, Bill [deleted] Monica and plays with her [deleted]. Then she gives him a [deleted] while he talks on the phone.

17 Nov 1995: President Bill Clinton plays with Monica Lewinsky's [deleted], then she gives him a [deleted] while he talks on the phone with Congressman H.L. "Sonny" Callahan.

31 Dec 1995: President Bill Clinton plays with Monica Lewinsky's [deleted], then she gives him a [deleted].

We have what I call the Two Terms of Coasting, with the Clinton Administration. So many opportunities missed to take on what we are now seeing manifest itself in terrorist attacks all over the world. It will never really "get through" to the liberals that Clinton eight years were squandered. When you don't do anything, atrophy sets in. When atrophy sets it, bad things happen. We've been seeing this for a long time, but especially post- 9/11 and 3/11. We can only wonder what may follow 7/7.

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