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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"I Don't Like Spam...I mean, Republicans!"

(With profuse apologies to the genius of Monty Python)

The "I Hate Republicans" Sketch:

From Left to Right: The Internet Inventor, Mr. Impaired Driving Skills, Mr. "I Have A Plan", The Klansman, Bubba, Madeline FatBright, "MeatHead", Flabbius Maximus, Mrs Satan

Internet Inventor: I honed tobacco fields and spoke with Johnny Carson on the telephone, but I still want another recount in Florida!
Impaired Driving Skills: Where's my neckbrace and my bourbon (hic)?
I Have A Plan: I Have a Plan!
The Klansman: Where's my hood?
Bubba: Rob Reiner...you sure have a nice ass. Why, if you'd just bend over the counter for a few minutes...
FatBright: We all believed Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction!
Flabbius: I'm hungry...Hungry! HUNGRY! FEED ME! WHERE'S MY FOOD!
MrsSatan: Damn Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas; littering and shoplifting.

All Together: We Don't Like Republicans...because they're beating us, (waaah, waaah), it's not...it's not...FAIR !

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