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Friday, July 15, 2005

The Billgina Monologues

The Billgina Monologues© 2005 David Drake

"[Ours will be] the most ethical administration in the history of the Republic."
(Washington Week in Review, PBS, February 25, 1994)

"I ask that all Americans demonstrate in their personal and public lives... the high ethical standards that are essential to good character and to the continued success of our Nation."
(October 17, 1997. "National Character Counts Week")
From: Presidential Quotes

"I think it's plain that the president should resign and spare the country the agony of this impeachment and removal proceeding," Clinton said. "I think the country could be spared a lot of agony and the government could worry about inflation and a lot of other problems if he'd go on and resign."
From: Arkansas Online

"I can spend your money better than you can."

"Every time Bush talks about trust it makes chills run up and down my spine. The way he has trampled on the truth is a travesty of the American political system."
(Describing his opponent, George H.W. Bush, Federal News Service, 10/28/92)

"They've been exposed as the trash they are."
(Bill Clinton, January 27, 1992, speaking about the allegations that he had a 12 year affair with Gennifer Flowers. January 1998, Bill Clinton admits under oath in the Paula Jones deposition that he had an affair with Gennifer Flowers) Arkansas Gazette
From: Bill Clinton - Stupid Statements

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky."
(Washington, D.C., January 26, 1998)
From: The History Channel

"Probably there are people in this room still mad at me, at the budget, because you think I raised your taxes too much. It might surprise you to know that I think I raised them too much too."
(Houston, TX - October 17, 1995)
From: National Review


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