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Thursday, April 16, 2009

At Least 15 Killed In Pakistan Bombing;
More Civilians Killed In Afghanistan;
Blame Obama - He Owns All These Deaths

Add more deaths to the total of which Barack Hussein Obama, Junior owns and for which he is entirely and wholly responsible.

From UPI:

    A suicide bombing in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province Wednesday killed at least 15 people, including at least nine police officers, officials said.

    Police in the Charrsadah district of the NWFP said a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden truck into a security check post in the Charrsadah district. Police said nearly 20 people were killed and over two dozen others wounded, but District Coordinating Officer Muhammad Shah told KUNA, the Kuwaiti news agency, that about 15 people, including nine policemen, were confirmed dead.

    Shah feared the death toll would go higher as several critically wounded people had been rushed to the hospital.

"He's NOT my Führer."

And from the NY Times, civilians killed in Afghanistan:

    An airstrike by NATO forces early Monday in mountainous eastern Afghanistan killed six civilians, including two children, a local Afghan official said, the latest accusation of civilian casualties leveled against NATO and American forces.


    In addition to the 6 civilians killed, he said, 14 were wounded. Four of the wounded were hospitalized, he said.


    A reporter for Agence France-Presse said the wounded at a nearby hospital included two men, a woman and a 14-year-old boy who said he had been told that four members of his family had been killed.

    “We were asleep, and all of a sudden the roof collapsed,” the boy, who gave his name only as Zakirullah, told the news agency. “I don’t remember anything. I got to know here that my father, my mother, my brother and my younger sister have all been killed, and I am wounded.”

Almost 100 days in office for Pbama and he has approximately 1,000 deaths on his hands. He must be shooting for setting some type of world record.

Ol' Barry sure is a Warmonger, ain't he?

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Weren't we suposed to enter into the Milineum Age now that Obango Junior is president of the world?
President Obango Junior is NOT a warmonger. Only conservatives, republicans, christians, and israelis are warmongers. Everyone else is..errm... doing the "right thing".

You mean we have not entered the new Millenium with Dear Leader?!?!?


You also have to add War Veterans to the Terrorist List. They are far more dangerous - according to Obama's DHS (see a few posts below) - than any radical Islamist.
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