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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Four Years Of Provoking The Left

Yessiree, Bob, it's been four years of my provoking, ridiculing and taunting The Left at this blog!

And no end in sight. Awwwww. Poor Widdle Liberal Crybabies...you didn't think I was going away, did you? Frankly, I'm just trying to piss the Liberals off and have fun while doing it. I'm having way too much fun holding them to the standards that they apply to everyone else...except themselves.

Thanks to all who visit here, who comment here (well, most of you...), who link here and who like or dislike, or agree or disagree with what you read here.



It really doesn't seem like that long does it? I mean I got drunk one night and decided to blog. Now I'm old. Welcome to the Old Timers Club.
Thank you sir. Wait..."Old Timers Club..." wtf? heh! Heck, four years is just one presidential term.

You..drunk? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!
And a mighty fine job of provoking you do DD. One day you'll have to come up with the Leftards Reply Best of Post. There have got to be some real gems in those LPOS replies.
HaHippo, Birdie... Two Ewe!!
Hippo, Birdie... Two Ewe!!
Hippo, Birdie... Deer Ewe...
Hippo, Birdie... Two Ewe!!

Happy birthday Mrs. Satan
Félicitations David!!!
Has it been 4 years? I've been around for 3 of them. Congratulations.
I read you blog a couple times a week. I disagree with you most of the time but I agree with you on liberal hypocrisy and double standards. If the democrats held their own to the same standards they hold others, there would be no democratic politicians.

Happy four year anniversary.
Molson, Arc, Tym, EC and EVEN TOMAS -


And thank you for visiting, reading and commenting. I always learn something new from all of you. (Well, except you, Tomas.)

Molson, the best of the whining LPOS - that's a good idea. I should start tracking their more asinine comments and publishing them.
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