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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th Of July

If you're living in a Free Nation, you are there because someone decided to put their life on the line for Freedom. Don't ever forget this.

Independence Day and The Fourth of July in the United States is brought to you by the Brave Men and Women who have Proudly served their county and those who currently serve our Great County. You are Heroes - all of you. Without you we would not exist. May God Bless You and always Watch Over every single one of you and your families.

"What July Fourth Means To Me", by Ronald Reagan - 1981. Take a few moments to read it.

3D Animated United States Flag Courtesy of 3D Flags.

Hi David,

Happy Independance day from Québec Canada!!!

Wish you the best and wish for a McCain victory on the real 4th, the 4th of November!!!

Best regards,

Happy independance day late again but better late then never.

From a French Canadian fellow living in Quebec.

Tym Machine
Thank you Tym, thank you. Best back to you, always.
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