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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

HNN: Hillary News Network™© (or: What's MrsSatan Up To Now?)

Warning: Sections of this post contain profanity and racial remarks used in their original quotes and context.
- - -
Not a lot of support out there for the She-Devil, MrsSatan, is there?

Why, an ABC Poll (and we all know how reliable Liberals deem an ABC Poll), showed that only 19% of those polled would vote for her.
G A S P !

Further, an astounding 42% said they would never vote for her in 2008 for her White House bid!
G A S P !

The poll resulted in the unfathomable conclusion that:

G A S P!

I wonder why the cuntess from Arkansas is polling so poorly? Are people finally wising up to the Shrew From The Ninth Level of Hell? Could her phoniness and duplicity finally be as transparent to the people polled as the rest of us have known all along?

You know, I have some questions for MrsSatan that maybe Tim Russert, Bob Schiefer, George Stephanopoulos, "Baby" David Gregory, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper could ask her:

Why would Arkansas state trooper and Clinton bodyguard from 1986 to 1993, Larry Patterson, among others including Dick Morris and other campaign aids say she used the following words if she never did:

Wow...MrsSatan certainly has the racist potty mouth, yes? And to think I get an occasional comment or e-mail when I call her "cuntess"! Why, her words would make Eric Cartman blush with embarrassment!

Why would this information go unreported by the Main Stream Media?

Those, who in the past, attempted to tell the truth about the Clintons seem to have untimely deaths and strange circumstances surrounding their deaths. Maybe those at NBC who kept mum enjoy living too much.

Oh, David Drake, you are citing only one example, cry the supporters of holier than thou, MrsSatan. Uh, okay...here's another: the book "American Evita", which also substantiates the foul mouthed MrsSatan.

Jonah Goldberg seems to believe MrsSatan has a gutter-anti-Semitic mouth.

Oh, but there's always those in the L' Chaim Corner ready to defend her. The below from HERE:

Oh, uh, okay Ed. Why, I didn't know anti-Semitism had a statute of limitations on it. I guess by your definition you're ready to forgive and embrace Mr. Hitler, then? Perhaps you consider Mahmoud Ahmadinejad your pal? Does Patrick Buchanan get the same exemption as MrsSatan, because whenever he ran for president the Jewish Lobby very vocally called him an "anti-Semite"? Koch = hypocrite.


Well, what does it take, then, Abe? Gas chambers, showers and ovens? Not to mention the fact that there seems to be plenty in the public record that contradicts the past 26 years that you cite!

At the time of the statements from both Koch and Foxman, maybe they apply a time limit term of 26 years being the statute of limitation on using inflammatory and anti-Jewish language? That's funny, Abe, because your web site doesn't reflect anything like that.

Maybe Koch and Foxman don't want to end up like Kevin Ives and Don Henry?

MrsSatan...beloved by all? A duplicitous wench? A pathological liar? A Jew-Hater?

Stay tuned to the HNN™© for future updates on her!

MrsSatan: She changes right before your eyes!


Additional Reading:
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Billary is a witch....she makes the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz look like 'Bambi.' OMG! I am so sick of this woman and the play she is given. Let her run for POTUS. It will be thrilled to see her lose.

I noticed you checked out my post on her 'emotional video' she is airing at her sick little website.

Pathetic. She is desperate. What's worse David - a 'desperate housewife or a desperate politician?"

Lolz...........don't answer.....Billary gets enough play as it is.

Another wonderful post! Thanks!
Thanks Layla. I think she will run for POTUS. My question is, is she being set-up by the MSM now as "un-winnable", only for the MSM to portray her as (as they did Bubba) the comeback kid, and propel her with positive spin into the White House. What do you think?

I'd really like to see NY'ers toss her sorry butt out of the Senate this years. That, I think, would be a setback to her presidential aspirations.

You have a great site, and yeah, I did ck out her "emotional video" LOL!

I will answer your question, I think she's a desperate and ruthless politician!

Thanks for the kind words on the post, very much appreciated.

Stay in touch!
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