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Friday, January 13, 2006

The Majorassity Report

Air(head) America's "The Majority Report" with Sham Cedar and Janeaneanne Gaerrofoolio. Heh yah yah hoo heh heh heh heh haaaaa! Many could ask why I have ignored ridiculing this unwitty radio program. Well, because there's simply no challenge in making fun of it. You sort of pity their program like one pities Sam The Ugly Dog. (Any relation Sham?)

Gaerrofoolio and Cedar

You have to listen to it to grasp just how wretched it is and how easy it is to bait Sham Cedar. Last night, a caller named Paul asked Cedar, who had called (cue laugh track NOW) the Main Stream Media conservative...if Cedar considered the New York Slimes, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS, and CNN conservative, middle of the road, or liberal. Cedar answered "They are "Corporatists".

The sadder point is when Cedar asks a caller a question with preconditioned choices for the caller to answer. Cedar refused to apply the same linear standard that he insists on for callers. Cedar should have, again by his standard, answered with one of the choices given by caller Paul; either Conservative, Middle of The Road, or Liberal. But no, he answered with "Corporatists". Is that Corporatist in the same way that the Trial Lawyer Lobby were Corporatists for the eight years of the Clinton Administration?

Regarding Mrs. Alito crying, Cedar took that opportunity to belittle people he "thought" possibly cried by some of the past rulings of Samuel Alito. I wonder Sham Cedar, would that be different than, or equal to, the crying done by Juanita Broderick when Bubba Clinton either forced himself upon her or raped her?

You see, uber-Liberals like Sham Cedar, Janeaaaene Gaerrofoolio and all the other inbreds on Air(head) America, pick and choose, and split infinite hairs, depending on their political affiliation. That's what it comes down to. There is nothing good they can say, or will allow themselves to say, about opposing views, political or otherwise.

Sham Cedar also calls Sam Alito, Sam A-LIE-to. Whoooo, ha ha ha! Damn Sham, did a staff writer write that for you, or are you bright enough to have come up with that on your own? I think it's the former and not the latter.

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