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Monday, November 28, 2005

Saddam Hussein: A Big P*ssy

"I want my pen. I want my paper. The elevator didn't work. I didn't get enough sleep last night. These shackles are too binding. Waaah...waaah...waaah." Why, with all that whining and crying one would almost think that he's a Democrat or a Lib. What a crybaby. This querulous behavior from a former dictator...he should be ashamed. What happened to Meester Tough Guy who said he'd rather die in battle with "The Great Satan the United States" than to be a prisoner? What's up with that, Meester Tough Guy? Meester Tough Guy who mercilessly slaughtered the people of Dujail, who gassed the Kurds, who smeared honey on people and fed them to starving dogs?

Just like Adolf Hitler hiding in his bunker before his suicide, Meester Tough Guy - now that he is being tried and held accountable for his actions - turns into a big, BIG P*ssy. What a ChickenSh*t Turd. If you're going to be a ruthless dictator and kill innocents for no other reason than they MAY disagree with you or you misperceive they are your enemy, at least have the guts to be a man when your trial comes around.

But no, Meester Tough Guy has turned into a complaining crybaby. Under his regime someone behaving like him would have been...fed to lions? Sexual abuse, drilling holes in hands, acid baths, electric shock , all in a days work for a dictator like Meester Tough Guy, huh? You Big P*ssy Chicken Sh*t Turd.

I maintain what I've written before: Give Meester Tough Guy to the Kurdish people. Let them mete out justice for Meester Tough Guy. Let the surviving family members of Shiites he executed decide his fate.

Meester Tough Guy also complained about being forced to wear Annika Sorenstam's pink skirt while golfing.

"Pink is not my color," the former tyrant, now a ChickenSh*t Turd, is said to have muttered.


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