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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Minne"SNOW"ta: BCA Style!

The stories are here . Again, linking direct to the St. Paul Sewer Press article requires "Registration" (GFY SPSP!)

Make sure to read the article from the 'SPSP', where it's noted that;

Wow, what a soft sentence, isn't it? Why, it's a sentence fit for a King! Or at least a former assistant director of the states' Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

You know, I just can't help but think if anyone else was nabbed with two pounds of grade-A coke, they would be facing a much different prison sentence. Prison, WHAT prison?

Shouldn't people in positions such as an assistant director of the BCA be held to a higher (no pun intended; --- snoooort --- snoooort ---) standard since they are the ones entrusted to uphold the law? And entrusted to not tamper with evidence, no matter what their addiction demons may be?

ANYONE ELSE with two pounds of coke would be charged with intent to distribute. And would be doing far more time than one year in the county workhouse. But not the former assistant, who claimed the two pounds of nose dust was for "personal use".

Okay, the guy had/has a drug problem, cocaine is incredibly addictive. But shouldn't that be even more of a reason to hold someone in that position to a higher standard.

I'm almost certain Judge Salvador Rosas will be the most sought after judge, by anyone charged with illegal drug possession.

I wonder if the BCA is hiring? I'm looking for a new job.


Oh, by the way, the state of Minnesota is 'Open For Business', the legislature resolved its impasse. Stop by, visit, stay a while. Need some coke? Stop by the BCA, maybe they have a couple bricks to give ya.
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