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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Republican McDonnell Wins Virginia!

Bwa ha ha ha ha! Liberals lose Virginia!
Republican Candidate Bob McDonnell is the Governor-Elect in Virginia. FOX News:

    Republican Bob McDonnell won the Virginia governor's race by a wide margin Tuesday, heading up a successful GOP ticket in the swing state which voted for President Obama a year ago.

    McDonnell's victory over Democrat Creigh Deeds ends eight years of Democratic control of the governorship.


    With 58 percent of precincts reporting, McDonnell had 61 percent and Deeds had 39 percent.

Those percentages, my friends, are what you call a LANDSLIDE!

The Guardian calls McDonnell's win a "major setback" for Obama.

Clearly, these elections are a referendum on how America is sick and tired of the Marxist Anti-American policies of the Affirmative Action Prednint Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior and his fellow bunch of Marxist Fascists.

At the time of this writing (as opposed to the posting/publishing time), it appears that Democrat Gov of New Jersey Jon Corzine has LOST to Republican challenger Christopher Christie. APee:

    With 32 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday night, Christie had 51 percent of the vote and Corzine about 42.

At the time of writing this, Christie is leading Corzine by 348,372 votes to 297,591 for Corzine.

** UPDATE: Republican Christie leading Fascist Corzine in New Jersey: Christie 636,417, Corzine 586,709.

New York's 23rd Congressional race - at the time of this writing - seems to be favoring Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman, but more precincts need to report in their tallies before any conclusive projection can be made.

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How about that as a celebration of the 1st year of presidency of "hum hum hum" Barrack Hussein Obama!!!

Almost euphoric...

Pbama, watch out cauz 2012 is coming pretty fast and you are going to get your ass kicked so bad you'll never believe it.

Best regards,

Oh I hope you are Spot On Tym: "watch out cauz 2012 is coming pretty fast and you are going to get your ass kicked so bad you'll never believe it."

I'm right there with ya. We need Hope and Change now more than ever...Hope to Change away from all Obama stands for. Yep...you are Spot Spot Spotty Spot On!
@ Tym,

I forgot to look at what post you referenced using the Pbama Pimp image so I can't reply on that particular post. Am guessing maybe the one I did calling him a pimp in that green money suit? I've run that image a couple of time. You know you (of all people) are welcome to reproduce my Photochops, Tym. I am always flattered when people do. Thank you for doing so, for finding that some of what I do here is worth reproducing. It is flattering, no doubt about it.
No free advertising here, Ryan. Very reasonable Rates should you decide to buy, though.
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