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Monday, November 09, 2009

Obama's Wall Street Banker Buddies Receive H1N1 Vaccine While The Rest of Americans Wait In Long Lines

Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior made sure his big-donor Wall Street Cronies received H1N1 vaccines last week. US News:

    The blogosphere and the cable news channels are full of outrage at the fact that Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, Citi, and J.P. Morgan have received thousands of doses of H1N1 vaccine, while shortages across New York City have prevented pregnant women and high-risk children from receiving shots first. Believe me, as a parent of a high-risk child who had a heck of a time getting her a shot last week—I think this is outrageous.


    This is what happens when the government has to publicly ration healthcare. This wasn't an insurance company who turned this into a fiasco, or the vaccine manufacturers, or the doctors' offices. This was the government.

    Instead of the H1N1 vaccine going to pediatricians' and OBs' offices for the children, pregnant women, and healthcare workers who needed it most, the government sent it to big businesses.

Gee, I wonder if any of these Wall Street organizations were big donors to Pbama? Gosh...I wish...I wish...someone had kept a list of who the big donors are to Pbama, then we could see if any of his cronies received the H1N1 vaccine before the rest of Main Street. I wonder if anyone kept a list like this? Huh. Oh, wait...I DID.

Hmmmm, sure a lot of those same names on that list that donated to Pbama and those that received their H1N1 vaccines before the rest of the country and before those who are classified as high-risk individuals needing the vaccine but can't get it because Obama's rich Wall Street Buddies go to the front of the line.

David Axelrod, pseudo-Puppet Master of Obama admitted the administration overpromised on the efficient and quick response with flu vaccine supplies. NPR:

    David Axelrod, President Obama's senior adviser, says the administration based its predictions about how many doses of the H1N1 vaccine would be available by mid-October on bad information.


    Scott Simon: On Friday, the president talked about his frustration that H1N1 vaccine hasn't gotten out to more Americans. In August, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said that 120 million doses would be available. They later scaled that back to 45 million. We're speaking today, on the last day of October, 25 million doses reportedly are ready. Did the government overpromise?

Axelhead goes on to blame the manufacturers of the vaccine. No. No. No. If there's one thing we learned from The Left during the W. Bush Administration is that the president receives the blame for everything.

Obama is to blame for the lack of vaccine. It's Obama's CDC just like it was Bush's CDC. Obama may as well have killed the children and elderly that have died from H1N1 himself.

Flucount.org reports that official U.S. totals from the CDC for deaths from H1N1 total 1,365 and that 44,555 cases of those infected. The Unofficial totals at the link has even higher numbers.

Yep. Barry might as well injected the H1N1 virus into those people himself and killed them. Their deaths are his fault. Their blood all over his hands. All over. We know this is an accurate and fair judgment, because The Left treated and held W. Bush to standards just like this. "Blame Boooooooosh," was the refrain from The Left for eight years. Well folks, now it's "Blame Pbama," time. Fair is fair. Like it? Hope so. Get used to it.


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The Fraudulent One must answer to his handlers. The payment required has no limits.
H1N1 inoculations for his rich buddies, table scraps - if any - for the rest of us.

It's all about Barry and his rich uber Libs like Sorryos and terrorists like Ayers.
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