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Monday, November 02, 2009

Obama's Death Panel Provision Alive & Well

Remember how The Marxist Politicians tried to downplay the Death Panels instituted by ObamaCare, the Socialized and Rationed Healthcare plan created by Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Saddam Hussein Obama, Junior and his gang of death-obsessed ghoul-advisers?

Well, the Death Panel is very, very, very much alive. My source for this is none-other than the fine, reputable Liberal Organ Airhead America. And Airhead would never be wrong now, would they?

    The provision allows Medicare to pay for voluntary counseling to help beneficiaries deal with the complex and painful decisions families face when a loved one is approaching death.


    Prominent Republicans singled it out as a glaring example of government overreach.

    Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, at the time a lead negotiator on health care legislation, told constituents at a town hall meeting they had good reason to question the proposal.

    "I don't have any problem with things like living wills, but they ought to be done within the family," he said. "We should not have a government program that determines you're going to pull the plug on grandma."

Obama's Death Panels, firmly in place in Rationed and Socialized Healthcare, also known as HitlerObamaCare.

Liberalism: From cradle to grave, to the point of helping ease you into that transition of moving quickly into worm food.

It's funny...Fat Dead Ted Tumor Head Kennedy wasn't ushered off to an Obama Death Camp to take a pain pill and wait for the Grim Reaper. No. Fat Ted Tumor Head had the finest medical care in the world for his malignant brain tumor and everything possible was done to extend his life. No cost was spared to bring a few extra minutes to this drunken, fat slob who so cavalierly abandoned an innocent woman to die a horrible, slow, tortuous four-hour death. But only Liberal Elitists receive this kind of expensive care. The rest of us? It's our duty to die.

Obey Obama's Death Panel. They know what's best for you; death.


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Death panels are required to see that potential organ donors... er... I mean terminally ill patients are dispatched with minimal trauma to their internal organs.
The Holocaust of Americans, under Obama, begins. Kill the babies, let the old folks die. Keep on "ze Superior Race." Didn't the free world fight a war over a guy who had the same idea?
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