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Monday, November 09, 2009

Obama Snubs Berlin Wall Anniversary

At least one of the following notable individuals will be conspicuously absent from the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The rest will probably be in attendance, but one noticeable individual will be obviously AWOL. Can you identify that person?

Dear Leader His Excellency The Affirmative Action Prednint Barack Hussein Obama, Junior will not not not be
attending the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. FOX News:

    The president does not plan to travel to Germany to attend the 20th anniversary celebration Monday of the fall of the Berlin Wall, drawing heated criticism from those who say he's ignoring a shining triumph of American-inspired democracy.

    President Obama squeezed in a trip to Copenhagen last month to lobby, unsuccessfully, for Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. He plans to travel to Oslo next month to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, an award that even Obama has said he does not deserve. And this coming week, he sets out on a weeklong tour of Asia.

    But the president does not plan to travel to Germany to attend the 20th anniversary celebration Monday of the fall of the Berlin Wall, drawing heated criticism from those who say he's ignoring a shining triumph of American-inspired democracy.

    "A tragedy," is how former House Speaker Newt Gingrich described Obama's absence.

    Some question whether the decision not to go was a nod to Russia, with which the Obama administration is trying to mend relations, or just another attempt to play down the perception of the United States as an exceptional superpower.

    "Ich bin beschaftigt!"


    ...some saw Obama's decision not to travel personally to Berlin as a snub to Merkel, Germany and the history behind the anniversary.

    "Barack Is Too Busy," Germany's Der Spiegel magazine declared in a headline last month, writing that Obama had declined Merkel's invitation.

    While Obama has traveled to Germany since taking office, he has not as president traveled to Berlin -- the site of his major speech in July 2008 during his overseas campaign tour. During that speech, he acknowledged Berlin's struggle, saying, "This city, of all cities, knows the dream of freedom."

    Why then, critics asked, would the U.S. president not revisit that site to mark the culmination of that dream? After all, he has established himself as an intrepid traveler in office, setting off on a slew of overseas trips during his first 10 months on the job.

    On several of the stops he has expressed regret for past American behavior, but the Berlin Wall anniversary was seen as an opportunity for the president to honor an American and Western victory for which the U.S. need feel no regret.

    "It is a true shame that the president of the United States -- this man who cloaks himself in the rhetoric of hope -- won't be pausing to remember," Gingrich wrote in a column last week in The Washington Examiner.

    The National Review's Rich Lowry wrote that the decision speaks to Obama's "dismissive view of the Cold War as a relic distorting our thinking."

    "John F. Kennedy famously told Berliners, 'Ich bin ein Berliner.' On the 20th anniversary of the last century's most stirring triumph of freedom, Obama is telling them, 'Ich bin beschaftigt' -- i.e., I'm busy," he wrote. "Obama's failure to go to Berlin is the most telling nonevent of his presidency. It's hard to imagine any other American president eschewing the occasion."

Barry is snubbing this historical and significant event because it's not about him. It's that simple. It's not about him.


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Can I just say how much I admire Obama? Actually... no I can't. He makes me sick... his priorities are entirely selfish in nature and when the inevitable happens all the left will do is scream racism.
I admire him, too, Bug. He's not at all afraid of doing the dirty work for George Soros and the rest of the America-haters. He's proud to trash and ruin the U.S. He's not even ashamed to do it in record time. It takes an egomaniac and a wholly self-absorbed narcissist to do this, and by golly, The Libs found just who they wanted with The Kenyan.
I can't believe that Jigsaw, Fred Flinstone and Mr Spock will be there while Pbama can't make it. What a shame.

Well, it's nothing compared to the health care bill which will push the USA on the verge of complete destruction. As if one trillion for the banks and GM wasn't enough...
The Great Socialist refuses to celebrate socialism's greatest failure. Soon the Great Socialist will replace the Berlin Wall as the greatest failure ever.
I fully expected him to snub this celebration of Democracy over communism.
When you snub the Dalai Lama and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom one of our greatest allies, this was must have been an easy decision for him.

Wrong but easy. Germany made the mistake of not having the International Olympic committe schedule their vote in Berlin, for today.
Tym & Molson, yes sirs, since its not all about Barry, he has no interest in partaking of the matter. It's not about him. He's such a compassionate Community (dis)Organizer, huh?

Germany made the mistake of not having the International Olympic committe schedule their vote in Berlin, for today.

Spot on!
Maybe if he had someone there to give a shout out to...
Yo! Bug! A Shout Out! Yo! Yes! Especially if that someone isn't there! Just like Biden asking a guy confined to a wheelchair to "stand up and take a bow."

JoeBama. It's a disease.
I'm just thinking I'll take his lead and when I'm at a funeral some day in the future and I have the honor of standing up front to give the eulogy, I'll first give a shout out to my brokers, creditors and pimp (cause I'll need one with the economy being trashed by the BO Administration).

"YO! Pimp-bro... just want to give a shout out for the slap down you gave me the other night. YO! Mr. Government owned creditor... shout'n out to ya in thanks for the slap-down you have given me during the last 4 BO years. YO! Mr. broke broker... a quick shout out to you for given me a slap-down every minute of the day!"
Yo! Bug! It sounds like "ya gonna 'get in their face.'" Where have we heard that before? :-)
It was a Giggity giggity good time! Giggity!
Hey Glenn, thanks for commenting and letting us know it was a giggity good time. Giggity!

Would you happen to have twitter by the way?

Have not yet gotten around to joining or Twittering. Why, is there someone out there Twittering as me? If so, they are an imposter. Of which I coudlnt care less.

Are you Twittering?

No there is none, I just got on twitter lately and I happen to like it.


I should probably give Twitter a try, but...I'll wait and see. Procrastination is one of the better things I do. Heh. I wish I had more time for blogging these days and for visiting more frequently everyone on my blogroll.

Thanks for inspiring me Tym, on days where I either don't feel much like publishing something and on days where I feel that as far as the world is concerned, it's all downhill - and quickly - from this point on with the Marxists in charge. I hope that at times I return the favor to you, and others, in giving people some hope or bringing them a laugh or two. I dunno...today is just a "downer" day for me for several reasons, none of which are related to blogging or the political climate. Oh well, we all have our battles, some are small and some are large. Tomorrow is a new day. Usually that helps.
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