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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Obama At Ft. Hood, Never Mentions Terrorism

Dear Leader His Excellency Barack "Call me the Stealth Muslim born in Kenya" Hussein Obama, Junior put in his
mandatory appearance at Fort Hood on Tuesday.

It only took him five days to get there. I wonder what finally got him there, did he schedule a $35,000 a plate fundraising event for later in the day?

I'm sure attending Fort Hood was, for Pbama, one of those, "oooookay, guess I gotta go to this even though there's so many better other things to do," attitudes. Sort of like when you have to go to the wedding of a someone you barely know or the funeral of some relative you never knew or met or if you did, one you never cared for that much.

Obama never once mentioned the "T" word in his speech. Not once. Not once did he say "Terrorism" or "Terrorist."

Did Pbama utter the politically correct euphemism "Man made disaster?" I didn't check for that.


The acts of Nidal Malik Hasan - oh, pardon me - the alleged acts of Nidal Malik Hasan are acts of terrorism. Those who commit acts of terrorism are called terrorists. It's just that simple.

Why are those on The Left, the extreme FarLeftWing...The Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) and the Kool-Aid injecting Pbama Cultists so afraid to admit and acknowledge that terrorists and terrorism exist and pose a threat to all civilized countries?

"Get in their (the terrorist's) face, Barry." Treat them like you do...oh, I don't know...FOX News.


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According to the leftards of which Barry is one, the only true terrorists are Tea Baggers, Christians, Conservative Jews, Boosh, and anyone who dares question leftardic dogma.
Yeah, Fraudy sure gets tough with FOX news and his critics with "get in their face." But he's a fucking frightened pussy cokcsucker when real threats come around. I bet he's never thrown a punch in his life, or if he did, he had the shit beat out of him - probably by someone half his size. He's a fucking coward.
Odumbo is such a disgrace.

I am sure that the buyers' remorse level is higher with President Affirmative Action Odumbo Junior, than with Jimmy al-Carter.

SOrry for the absence once again. I got a bit fed up with politics after the NY-23 and the health care takeover by Dems.

Scozzafaza blew my mind. She stole 900,000 from the Gop and endorse the moonbat?!!

Oh man, my blood is boiling again!
Better stop now.
Mats, always happy and pleased to hear from you when you have the time and your input is always appreciated.

The NY23 was crazy, wasn't it? I agree. The Repubs blew that big time and can only blame themselves. This is why I so often say they fuck up (sorry for the language) so many Silver Platters handed to them.

On the other hand, Hoffman, a relatively unknown and a Conservative (as opposed to a "Republican") made an impressive showing with little name recognition and financing. So maybe real, true Conservatism is working its way back into the political fabric of the U.S. and maybe the world? Who knows.

Don't let your blood boil! Do something fun to forget about it.

Oh...have you been watching "Flashforward"?
Yeah, conservatives (as opposed to Republicans, as you very well put it), were able to defeat Scozzafuzzy in 3 weeks with no oficial suport from the GOP machine. Imagine what would have happened of the GOP had selected a conservative right from the start.

I see the you you see it too. Conservativism is back! No more RINOs and no more Dede-like or McRino-like of "conservatives".

THe GOP leadership now knows the power of the Tea Party people, and they mean bussness.

They won't win any election if they pick another RINO like Dede.

Converning Flash Forward, I have to say that I saw the4 first, but I missed almost all others. Wednesday night (the dya they pass it in Portugal) is prayer meeting close to my house, so I don't seee it. They repost it Saturday night or Sunday night, but at that time I am either watching soccer or playing it myself! hehe Well, not playing it much since my wok accident, but you nknow what I mean.

But the plot is interesting, no doubt. I wonder how will they take off the shoe on that one. A world wide event like that Blackout calls for higher forces. Will they bring in the aliens? ;-)

Or... *gulp*.... God?!
I don't think they'll bring the Big "G", so... we'll have to wait and see..

It's nice to see RINOs and Moderates get the jolt they need, that being their awakening that their party has been diluted by the RINOs and that Conservatives like Hoffman is what is popular and gaining momentum. Let's hope it lasts and that some real Conservative politicians step up to the task, even if it means running against the incumbent RINOs in the 2010 election.

RE: FlashForward: I missed last weeks episode which was promoted as the "not to miss" episode. I like the show, but it just wasn't "giving back" anything as quickly as I wanted. You know...no real answers or even a decent cliffhanger as to what the worldwide blackout happened. It spent too much time on what I call the soap opera mechanics of it. And not that I have anything against "soaps", I used to watch one for almost 20 years (As The World Turns). My Mom got me hooked on it.

Heh...probably a small chance any network program will bring in God. I don't think he exists in their minds. Plus, it might be "too controversial" for them. They'd have to bring in Allah to appease the Religion of Peace. /snark
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