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Thursday, November 05, 2009

NJ and VA Elections Big Set-Back For Obama and Marxism

The Republican turnout for voters in Virginia was pretty much the same as it was in the year 2008 presidential election. What does this tell us? It tells us that Independents and Democrats are appalled by the Marxist policies of Dear Leader His Excellency The Affirmative Action Prednint Barack Hussein Obama, Junior and his gang of fellow Marxists...Nanny Pelosi, Harry ReidTard and all the White House Commie Czars. America is SICK of these a$$holes!

Bob McDonnell the Republican Governor-Elect of Virginia bested Democrat opponent Creigh Deeds by 18 points! 18 points! EIGH-TEEN POINTS! Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Remember the November 2008 presidential election when Obama Cultists claimed his measly 6 point win over John McCain meant that Obama's politics and policies were the road down which Americans want to travel? Bwa ha ha ha ha! McDonnell beat the CommieCrat by 18 points! This can only mean that Americans in Virgina want to depart from Obama's Marxism in triplicate!

In New Jersey - one of the Bluest of Blue States evah - Republican Christopher Christie beat CommieCrat Jon "Billionaire Wall Street Banker" Corzine by five percentage points. This can only mean that Americans in New Jersey want to run from Obama's Marxism almost as much as they flocked to The Kenyan in the presidential election in 2008...or so the Cultists would like us to believe.

It's not at all entirely amazing how the Pbama Cultists are doing their best to say, "oh, these races didn't matter." Oh, yes they did matter...yes indeedily doodily they mattered. They were a complete and total referendum of rejection of Obama and Marxism.

How many trips did Barry take to New Jersey and hit the campaign stump for Corzine...five, six times? How many trips did Barry take to Virginia to stump for Deeds...three...four times? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

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The New York 23rd Congressional Seat is just about the only victory the poor Widdle Pee-Pants Pbama Cultists have to tout. And this was an election handed to the Republicans on a Silver Platter and they fcuked it up all on their own - certainly nothing that can be attributed or deemed praiseworthy by anything done by the CommieCrat party in NY 23. Hell, a no-name candidate whose campaign was a shoestring budget came out of nowhere and ejected the Republican-appointed candidate and damn near won the seat.

Another note of interest, as far as I can tell, the NY 23 race was not not not a stronghold for Republicans "since the Civil War," as many on The Desperate Left are trying to spin. Not unless the Civil War ended in between 1989 to 1993 when the seat was won by Michael R. McNulty a DEMOCRAT. Yes, the seat was later redistricted to the 21st district, but it doesn't change the fact that McNulty, a DEMOCRAT, won NY 23 in 1989. Hardly a Republican-owned seat since the Civil War. I know...I know...those "details...details," and those pesky facts once again disprove the lies and the spin from the Liberals.

The other bitch from The LiberTards is that NY 23 Conservative Candidate Doug Hoffman "wasn't from the district." It's amazing how quickly Liberals forget their own candidates who are the most egregious carpetbaggers in the political world:

* Obama...born in Kenya...raised in Hawaii...a U.S. Senator from Illinois? Talk about being a Carpetbagger!

* Al Franken...who spent 35 years away from Minnesota, returning only to run for a U.S. Senate seat. Talk about being a Carpetbagger!

* And please, let's not forget the Most Egregious Carpetbagger in American Political History: Hillary "I've Always Been a Yankees fan from Arkansas" Clinton.

Republicans did not win on Tuesday. Conservatives and Conservatism won. And this has the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) and the Pbama Cultists scared and frightened.

The 2009 off-year election: A clear and loud rejection of Obama, Pbamanomics and his Dreadful Fellow Fascists. It was a clear voter response against Obamaism of Titanic proportions.

And the whining and crying and gnashing of teeth from the ILCP and the Pbama Cultists? Hot damn, it is music to my ears!


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The panic is rising among the Leftardocrats. So how long will it be before the Soros funded false flag event is unleashed that will allow Fraudy to declare marshall law?
That "it's been a Republican seat since 1871" bullshit has really been pissing me off the more I see and hear it making the rounds of all these butthurt moonbats desperately trying to make a purse from a dead pig's ear.

"ADMIT IT: You farking asshats got your butts waxed. And in 2010 it's gonna be even worse."
Another original euphemism, as far as I know, created by you Molson: Leftardocrats! I love it! ;-)

Great question. Whenever Sorryos wants to short our currency and pull the rug out from under us he has the ability with Fraudy doing his bidding. Despicable.

Yeah, less than five minutes of research and I was able to prove that 23td was not a seat "held by Repubs since the Civil War," yet that Talking Point made its way through the Liberal Blogosphere and pundits as if it was fucking fact handed down from Moses written on stone tablets. What a crock of shit.

Liberals...all they do is lie. Lie with impugnity. SOBS.
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