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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Morrissey Hit By PLASTIC Bottle

Singer Morrissey was hit by a bottle during a concert and promptly called it quits for the show, to the disappointment of many fans.

Only...it was a PLASTIC bottle. Okay, it might hurt a little, but it was a PLASTIC bottle.

I like some of his music, and I think Morrissey is a talented artist.

Stories are saying he was hit in the eye. I dunno,
watch the video and you decide.

To me, it looks like the PLASTIC bottle bounced off his head. After being hit, he makes no movement to cover or protect his eye. He makes one motion with his left hand to, what appears to be, smooth his hair or check his head, possibly to make sure he's not bleeding. And any one of us who's accidentally poked ourselves in the eye in the slightest, least invasive way know it hurts like hell. And Morrissey, in the video, doesn't lift either hand up to his eye.

Man up, Morrissey. It was a PLASTIC bottle. Yes, it was lame and unnecessary and completely disrespectful on the part of the person attending the concert, I'm not excusing the actions. But it was a PLASTIC bottle for KeeeRist's sake. Man up, Mor.


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Bummer. Maybe one of his fans thought he was thirsty.
BWA! "Maybe one of his fans thought he was thirsty."

He's criticized both major political parties of his homeland in the UK and was no fan of W. Bush.

But as you know I don't permit political beliefs of an artist determine if I like what they do or not. That said, I like some of his music and think he's talented. Is he one of the "all time great singers?" Not by a long shot.

I think he's a vagina for ending his concert after being hit by a plastic bottle, though. A glass bottle, I'm with him all the way, that can do a lot of damage. But a plastic one? What a pussy.
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