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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Jodie Evans of Code Pink Advocates Kidnapping of George W. and Laura Bush

Jodie Evans, of the wretched and bitch-dyke-filled hate group Code Pink, is advocating violence, that of the kidnapping of former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura. BigGovernment:

    One of President Barack Obama’s top funders, Code Pink’s Jodie Evans, is encouraging the kidnapping of former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura, according to new statements issued this week by Jodie Evans and Code Pink.

    While it might be tempting to look at this latest effort by Code Pink as an innocuous publicity campaign, Code Pink’s history of working with state sponsors of terrorism and supporting violent protest against President Bush–and their near successful arrest of then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales–is cause for concern.

    Two weeks after meeting Obama at a high dollar fundraiser in San Francisco, Jodie Evans and Code Pink issued a call to action urging vigilantism against President Bush:


    The actions being urged and guided by Jodie Evans and Code Pink could result in federal kidnapping charges against someone who takes up their call for vigilantism–or their death as the Bushes still have Secret Service protection.

    Jodie Evans and Code Pink have published a how-to guide at their Code Pink website for conducting citizens arrests of the Bushes and former Bush administration officials over their policies defending the United States after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

    Jodie Evans and Code Pink provide advice on how to stalk, arrest and choose what state, federal or international criminal charges to make against Bush, his wife and others.


    Bush and Cheney are included on Code Pink’s 10 Most Wanted War Criminals list along with former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.


    Liberals in the media have been calling on Republican leaders to dial down their rhetoric and have accused conservatives of causing a rise in threats against Barack Obama.

    Will those same liberals call on Barack Obama to renounce Jodie Evans and demand Code Pink stop threatening President Bush, Laura Bush and former Bush administration officials before someone gets hurt?

So...I take it Evans is one of those Big-Tent, Tolerant Liberals, then, huh?

Vigilantism...huh...I thought that was something only pursued by Crazed RightWing Republicans. But now LiberNazi Evans and her fellow Code Pukers are advocating it. They sure are a violent bunch of dry, wrinkled, miserable twats, huh?

I advocate that bags of feces and urine should be thrown at Evans and all members of Code Puke, just like the protesters at the Republican National Convention were planning to do.

This is what Jodie Evans looks like.

Jodie Evans, Code Pink.
Nice Adam's Apple. I wonder what other male anatomy she possesses?

No wonder she's bitter. I bet she's one of those angry, bitter, hairy-chested lesbians. She looks to me like she needs a good prison gang bang rape. Rape is no big deal, right? Most women like it and want to be raped. This is what we've learned from The Left regarding pedophile/rapist/child molester Roman Polanski...that rape is no big deal. It's an incidental and frivolous petty annoyance. Most Code Pink women haven't been schtupped in decades. Hey...I'm just sayin'...

I wonder if she advocates the same tactics be used against Barack Hussein Obama, Junior and his wife Michelle Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman? Heck, it's Obama who is continuing the Illegal Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and who has adopted what is essentially the same timetable as W. Bush for withdraw...sometime in 2012.

Oh...oh...oh...wait. I forget for just a second...Obama receives the Coveted Free Pass from the Liberals because he's a Marxist America-Hater, just like the Code Pukers.


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Perhaps someone should kidnap her ass and... oh wait... she isn't worth anything. Never mind.

But this is now my next subject to write about... :o)
The Libs are so tolerant, aren't they? That big-tent mentality of Liberalism. She's a terrorist sympathizer and America hater.

You're going to blog about it too? Great! I'm anxious to see your take on it.
Are these Code Pink Ho's out of their minds? Of course they are, but somehow I don't think radicalized carpet munchers are much of a match for professionally trained security personnel. Could be fun to watch the encounter though, but we need to be perfectly serious here. There is the risk of collateral damage. I mean a snail or a toad or a moth or something pure and innocent could get seriously hurt as a result of an act of Pink Ho violence.
Threatening the president is acceptable as long as its a Republican president. But Allah forbid threatening the POS Kenyan cokcsucker, crack cocaine smoker pothead, huh? I hope he keeps smoking those cigarettes. I hope he smokes a couple cartons a day.

Those fucking Code Pink Cunts. If they were all on fire and I had a full bladder, I wouldn't piss on a single one of 'em.

* The above is all sarcasm in the extreme, lest anyone think I am something other than the kind, loving, tolerant, objective teddy bear NHL lovin' guy that I am. Except for what I wrote above, which is pretty much what I really think * ;-)
David, I'm confused. How do you really feel? ;)
Molson... a toad could get hurt? That's it!! Where's my goth outfit... that should shun them straight to "pink hell". Nothing kills pure pink like pure goth.

David... I've never been one to use the "C" word much but in this instance, it's probably more than acceptable.

And your reverse sarcasm is giving me a headache... "kind, loving, tolerant, objective teddy bear"??? So sweet... so nice... so change it!!

... but I could be jaded. (that's my tag line, but the way)
As long as it is a toad friendly Goth outfit there Bug it should be OK. I can't do Goth anymore since my hair fell out. Maybe I could crash one of those Code Pink Ho gatherings in a pink Speedo. If that doesn't scatter them, I don't know what will.

I'm going to have to work harder at conveying how I really feel about some issues. You are correct about this. Back to the drawing board...

I did refrain from calling her a "cunt" in the post, didn't I. I can't figure out why I didn't. I must have been just a tad (toad?) bit too sober.

"Reverse Sarcasm...?" WHAT reverse sarcasm ?!
Molson... toads aren't afraid of goth... they love it (trust me). As to the Speedo... there are probably about 10 men in the world who can wear one and NOT cause a scattering. It's one scary outfit (if you can call it that).

David... I see you made your comment twice... for a double reverse, reverse sarcasm... with an evil twist of lime on the side and a toad around the rim. :o)

word = jecless
I had a typo, Bug, and then I forgot to bold and italicize on the repeat (did a cut and paste which didn't include the codes, so had to redo that) which is why you received the doubling.

Speaking of toads, Obama should give us all free toads, the species where you lick their back and hallucinate. Thats the only way I can see of stomaching his occupation of the White House.
I figured you were just trying to make your point perfectly clear. :o)

True... if we're all drugged up on toads, he can hop and hope all he wants and we'll just sit here smiling.

For you and Molson... new post at bugbreath called Goth Toads Go Wild for New Music by Lover Toad. I am having way to much with this random stuff blog... more fun than hearing BO talk endlessly. Course, sticking bamboo under my nails is more fun than that!

word: rhyme (wish I could do that all the time)
Bug, honestly now...where do you get this crazy idea that I use sarcasm in my writing? I...I...just don't understand why you would make such a wild and unfounded accusation. ;-)

Goth Toads? That sounds funny. I'm over there in a click to read it!
Who...me? I never said you were sarcastic; point me to where I ever said that. I can't believe you're putting words in my mouth again. Sheeesh.

A whole click, huh? Why that must be at least .6 of a mile. That shouldn't take you long unless you're crawling.
I would never attempt to put words in your mouth Bug. I may have failed at paraphrasing you. I was wrong. I was bad. I was very very bad. I need to be punished. I need to be spanked. Thank you Madame, may I please have another? Plese don't make me crawl...I have kind of a bad knee...old basketball injury.

See...this is the shit I write when I'm sober. Which is a good reason for me not to remain sober. ;-)
Wow... again... you really need some help! :o)

If you need punished than surely crawling on a bad "basketball injured knee" would do the trick.

How come all guys have some sort of sports injury?
If you need punished than surely crawling on a bad "basketball injured knee" would do the trick.

That would just be sadistic. I couldn't do it. My knee would kill me. That would definitely cross the fine line threshold between pleasure and pain.

How come all guys have sports injuries? I dunno. Probably because we're dumb and stupid and push ourselves to limits that we shouldn't. This is why we die years before our female counterparts. We take foolish risks and - at least speaking for myself - have to be near death or have a limb turning blue and projectile spurting blood before we see a doctor.
Like I've always said (or at least this one time) once you've burned one engine out... trade up for a newer model.
Yeah. Someday, if I live enough years, I will likely reach the day where that knee will need to be partially or fully replaced. Hopefully that is a long way off. Walking and stuff is fine, running, playing some low intensity hoops is tolerable. But I can't be on my knees or all four for very long (and don't you DARE make any jokes about what I just wrote... ;o) very long without the knee acting up and hurting.
1. I will leave it to your more daring readers to comment or "make jokes" about you crawling around on all fours. Not my place.

2. See... now... here's where the communication broke down because I wasn't talking about your knee. I was talking about the comment you made about how men don't live as long as women. What that means for us ladies is that once the broken down old man has died, we can trade in for a new sports model.
I am rarely on all fours, except when my girlfriend throws a saddle on my back and we play horsey. This, sadly, never happens.

I didn't connect the dots on your item 2. Us men die, and you ladies trade up. Gotcha! Is that really what you think of us? And when we die you trade up for a younger model? Isn't that the "Madonna" syndrome?
That's so cute... horsey...

No... Elizabeth Taylor... silly!
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