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Monday, November 02, 2009

Jason Shih, Corzine Staffer Cover Up?

Jason Shih
was arrested for possession of Ecstasy. NJ.com:

    Jason Shih, 25, was pulled over on Route 17 by East Rutherford police around 11:30 p.m. Friday for allegedly talking on his cell phone. Police found 19 Ecstasy tablets and hundreds of small glassine bags used for distributing drugs, police spokesman Capt. William Schanel said.

    Schanel said Shih told police he was an official in Corzine's campaign, and several tickets to today's rally with President Obama at Newark's Prudential Center were found in his car.

    "As he's exiting the vehicle, he's stating, "It's not mine,'" Schanel said. "He just said, "I'm assistant deputy director of Gov. Corzine's campaign, and they rented this vehicle for my use.'"

    Schanel said the vehicle was rented, but said it is unclear who rented it. He said Shih is not suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but he was very nervous.

    "His hands were shaking," Schanel said.

    Corzine campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith said Shih's claim is false, adding, "No one has ever heard of this guy."

Corzine is the Democrat Gov of New Jersey who is battling for his political livlihood as his re-election comes near next week. The Corzine campaign denies Shih is a staffer. NJ.com:

    A Paramus man claiming to work for Gov. Jon Corzine's re-election campaign was arrested Friday night on drug charges after police found Ecstasy tablets in his car, authorities said.

    A Corzine spokeswoman said the man does not work for either the governor's campaign or the Democratic State Committee.

Ecstasy! Ecstasy ?! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo '80s ! What a loser!

The Conspiracy Theorists are covering all their bases. Gawker:

    1. Shih was planted by opposition to get busted by cops, to try and move bad press for Corzine.


    2. The Corzine campaign actually knows this clown and there's a massive cover-up.


    3. Some B & T ravebro was like, Brah. I work fah Jahn Cahrzine! And then the Corzine campaign got pissed, and called up these outlets, who then either removed the story[.]

Hey...LefTards, here's another one for you: Blame Boooooooosh and Cheney! They masterminded this arrest back in early 2000.

As The Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) has always said, it's not the accuracy or truthfulness about the charges that matter. What matters is the allegation itself, and using this standard, we can conclude - because The LefTards have taught us this - that Shih is indeed a Corzine staffer and a druggy.

Bwa ha ha ha ha! Shih, Busted for Ecstasy! Who bothers with "E" these days? What a chump! Was he on his was to a disco??


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Everyone out here knows Shih was working for Corzine. The press is doing all they can to cover this up and protect Corzine.
New Jersey exists so the rest of the country has a place to throw their garbage just like Michigan exists to be Canada's trash dump. I can't think of a garbage pile more qualified to run a garbage pile than Corzine. New Jersey and Corzine and Joebama... perfect together since all are trash. Not to mention that New Jersey shields Pennsylvania from all the medical waste that washes ashore so that's like a bonus if you live in Pennsylvania.
Thanks EC. I know you live on the East Coast and are tuned in to the political scene, so I'm putting what you say above any spin being puked out by the Corzine campaign and the Joisey Liberals.

Keep us posted.

Corzine is a garbage pile. I fully agree with ya!

Yeah, my Obama-World-Though-Rose-Colored-Glasses aren't working. In fact, they never did work. I (and I think you too) always saw through the fraud and dog and pony show from the Libs and their support of the Fascist Kenyan.

Fraudy is driving us to hell at the speed of light. Jeebus...we're in for some bad times.
David drake.... X is still very active in he US. You perez Hilton wanna be losers who blog all day because friends are a scarce commodity for you. Leave the news to CNN , not some loser nerds trapped in their mom's basement. I try to look up real news and get this garbage. It's like the 100th time today. Close these stupid websites down please. Get a real job and get out of your basements. Put the dungeons and dragons down

X is still very active in he US.

Well, yeah, for a bunch of LOSERS like you! Bwa ha ha ha ha!

What a chump you are. Why are you such a Coward? Oh, wait, you're a liberal. Same thing.
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