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Sunday, November 08, 2009

How Many Days Will Pass Before Obama Visits Fort Hood?

Nidal Malik Hasan, a ticking time-bomb Radical Muslim Extremist?

Sunday, around noon, will mark two full days that have passed for the horrific Fort Hood shootings by Nidal Malik Hasan. The death tally is up to 13 with over 31 injured. This was a terrorist act on United States soil and it occurred on the watch of Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

The Obama Administration and Obama's FBI...well, they failed to connect the dots about Nidal Malik Hasan as you shall see.

When will Dear Leader His Excellency The Affirmative Action Prednint Barack Hussein Obama, Junior visit Fort Hood? Why is he dithering, delaying and avoiding visiting Fort Hood? Remember, the delay of a president in visiting a grief-stricken area was a top concern for The Left when W. Bush did not immediately visit New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

So...when does Barry travel to Fort Hood?

Fort Hood. Obama as president and his first act of terrorism on domestic soil. He doesn't seem too concerned about it, does he? Heck, maybe he knew about it in advance? Maybe he planned it with all the MK ULTRA Mind-Control techniques that Barry has at his disposal. Maybe Hasan is Obama's Manchurian Candidate? If Bush and Cheney can mastermind the attacks of September 11, certainly The Kenyan can formulate and execute what happened at Fort Hood by programming a fellow Muslim to commit an act of terrorism.

Nidal Malik Hasan, the 39-year old Fort Hood shooter, was described by his cousin, Nader Hasan, as being, "mortified by the idea of having to deploy" [to Afghanistan], according to The New York Times story by James Dao. This reinforces that Obama is responsible for pulling the trigger as much as is Hasan. It was Hasan's first deployment mission to Obama's Illegal Occupation of Afghanistan.

The same NYT story notes that the FBI became aware of Internet postings by a Nidal Hasan who wrote glowingly of suicide bombers:

    "If one suicide bomber can kill 100 enemy soldiers becaue they were caught off guard that would be considered a strategic victory."

    Co-worker Col. Terry Lee said that Nidal Malik Hasan told him he was opposed to the U.S. role in Iraq and Afghanistan and that, "we should not be in the war in the first place."

Hasan was
giving away his personal possessions prior to his murderous rampage. The NYT:

    On Thursday morning, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan went to his next-door neighbor at the rundown apartment complex where he rented a one-bedroom unit and gave her most of his belongings, saying he would not need them any more.

The FBI was alerted about Hasan six month ago. Why wasn't more done?

Who was the president six months ago? Whose FBI was it six months ago?

I guess you can say that the Obama Administration failed to connect the dots.

Prior to the shootings, Hasan yelled, "Allahu Akbar!" He was a devout Muslim. Did his devotedness border or exceed radicalism? We can't ask this question, no, it is politically incorrect to do so.

We know what The Left would be saying about someone who opened fire on a group of innocent people who was yelling, "Praise Jesus," or "Bless Yahweh!" They wouldn't be blaming a religion or a White man like Timothy McVeigh or painting the person as radicalized or extreme. No...no...The Left wouldn't do that.

NPR reports that a fellow psychiatrist at Walter Reed described Hasan as being "belligerent about being a Muslim," and that he freaked out a lot of other doctors.

    ...Hasan apparently gave a long lecture on the Koran and talked about how if you don't believe, you are condemned to hell. Your head is cut off. You're set on fire. Burning oil is burned down your throat.

    And I said to the psychiatrist, but this cold [sic] be a very interesting informational session, right? Where he's educating everybody about the Koran. He said but what disturbed everybody was that Hasan seemed to believe these things. And actually, a Muslim in the audience, a psychiatrist, raised his hand and said, excuse me. But I'm a Muslim and I do not believe these things in the Koran, and then I don't believe what you say the Koran says. And then Hasan didn't say, well, I'm just giving you one point of view. He basically just stared the guy down.

    [STEVE] INSKEEP: So we have a picture of a man, then, who, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, was disliked by his colleagues. Or maybe disliked is not the word. Disturbed some of his colleagues is perhaps a better way to put it.

    [DANIEL] ZWERDLING: No, and disliked is also a relevant word.

Former President George W. Bush and wife Laura visited the Soldiers at Fort Hood. Their visit was low-key and they didn't allow for any photo-ops, unlike Obama's recent Full-Blown Photo-Op Coverage of his visit to Dover.


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Well, it's too late for him to get there before George W. Bush.
I heard Barry and Pickles will travel to Ft. Hood Tuesday.
To Barry,
Yes, there are magnificent golf links in Fort Hood. Mill Creek golf club is a good one.

More seriously, I wonder if the Kentucky Klansmen told to media that Hasan was a «freedom fighter» … like they said about Al-Qaeda right after 9/11 attacks …

Hum hum,

R. Duncan
Who does the Fraudulent One think he is fooling? At this point he should not bother to be bothered. Only those who mainline the Koolaid would believe this ectomorphic fuck cares about anybody but himself and the twisted ideology of his handlers.
Bug, yeah - glad W. and Laura showed up and insisted no press, no photo-ops. They're a class act. It's not about them as it is with Barry.
I just heard that today, Groovy.

The question we all should be asking: "What took him so long?"

And refrains of:

"He must hate white people and the Military. Look how long it took him to visit Ft. Hood."

All perfectly legitimate and worthy criticisms over Bush and Katrina, so the same standard is what I'll apply to Barry.
R. Duncan,

Well, we are finding out more and more each day about Hasan's connection to terrorists and al Qaida. And Barry's FBI failed to connect the dots. Complete failure on Barry's watch.

I wonder how if he's get to play 2 or 3 rounds while there? ;)

At this point, the only one's who believe in Barry are his Cultists. They'll walk through fire for him, that's how sick, twisted, demented and deranged they all are. Brainwashed to the hilt.
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