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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Does Obama Have AIDS?

You may have seen the below photos of Barack Hussein Obama, Junior at the Drudge Report. Obama looks sickly and deathly thin.

Could he have AIDS? Many are asking this question: Does Obama have AIDS? It is a question that has many people wondering.

Various cancers will quickly eat away all reserve flesh as well.

Then again, cocaine, crack cocaine and meth will kill the appetite, thereby rendering the addict a deathly ill rail-thin appearance. Is Barry back on the crack? Could be. We know Barry admitted his drug use in his own book the book he claims he wrote but was ghost-written by Domestic Terrorist William Ayers, Barry's good America-hating buddy.

Along with failing to produce his birth certificate, let me take a brief moment to remind everyone - especially his Kool-Aid injecting Cultists - that Pbama has never released his medical and health records. What's he hiding and why?

Obama's dramatic weight loss is being explained - spun, actually - by his defenders offering the following reasons:

Rigorous workouts and high-stress basketball games are said to be behind the dramatic weight loss.

"No, he's not chain smoking," claims an insider. "He's working non-stop for the country... yes, he does occasionally skip meals."

He's not working non-stop for the country. He's doing nothing of the sort.

"Rigorous workouts and high-stress basketball games are said to be behind the dramatic weight loss." Bwa ha ha. That's funny. Of course, a watermelon diet was what was said to be behind the dramatic weight loss of Liberace. And we all know the real reason Liberace lost so much weight so quickly was due to AIDS. Could the same be true for Obama?

The president explained in Miami last week: "Just because I'm skinny doesn't mean I'm not tough."

Who is the Stealth Muslim Marxist trying to fool? He insults our Allies time and time again, insults and feels threatened by the slightest criticism from anyone or any group and considers his biggest threat is FOX News. Meanwhile, he kowtows to terrorists, terrorist groups, world dictators and despots and Communist China.

So...does Obama have AIDS? Americans have a right to know.


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Lying all the time is hard work. Obutthead is bound to lose some weight as a result, but remember just because he is skinny doesn't mean he isn't lying 100% of the time. He is.
He's always lying. Obama lied, people died. They died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Africa and in the streets of America. They died from AIDS, from H1N1 and a whole bunch of other terminal diseases. He's a lying sack of liquid crap. I believe nothing he says, absolutelyfuckingnothing.

He is skinny. Rock Hudson-skinny. I wonder what's up with that?!?!??
Now David... if we can't even prove he is an American citizen, how are we to prove he has Aides?

I think we all know the answer... he's a robot alien!

word: Quind (clearly an robot alien word)
Quind? That IS an alien word! And it coincides with ABC TV and their new version of the alien program "V."

Now...if I beleived in black helicopters and remote viewing I'd be really paranoid! So paranoid I'd need...

...you guessed it...

...a spanky! ;-)
Wow... you do have some "issues" don't cha. Hee-hee-hee...
I have my moments. Fortunately the "blackouts" don't last very long.
So I wonder if some day Obama will try to say his whole presidency was a blackout. I'm just say'n.

You shouldn't write these obsessions to blackouts... admit them... brag about them! :o)
I wonder if even using the term "blackout" is RACIST ?!?!?!? omg!

I'll make sure to call them "whiteouts" in the future. You know me....I'm always on the cutting edge of being politically correct. Always!
No matter what you say... if you use the color black or white in your sentence... you're a racist pig. It's just fact.

And there are blackouts and whiteouts... they really are REAL words and REAL situations! I just thought I would clarify for your readers. :o)
I'll have to bone up (AHEM...) on what whiteouts are all about. I know Whiteout as the liquid correction fluid product, but that's all I know about whiteouts.

Oh...do you mean whiteout, like in snorting a shitload of cocaine? That kind of whiteout? Not familiar with that, but have some friends who have battled that addiction.
Uh... no dude... I meant a whiteout as in when the weather is so bad you can't see. You know... when there's so much snow and it's overcast and the clouds mix in and you can't see your hand in front of your face.

Although... your definitions have merit.
Bug, I am the first to admit that sometimes I am totally oblivious to the obvious. Cripes, I live in MN, I know what whiteouts are. How could I have forgotten? Darn that bong smoking I did in college!!!
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