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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Raging Aging Queen Gore Vidal Kvetches About Shit Nobody Cares About

These raging aging Queens like Gore Vidal never go away, do they?

Vidal, of whom was called "a queer," by the late great William F. Buckley (transcript here and video here) is talking to The Atlantic:

    Atlantic: You said earlier this month that you now wish you had supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries instead of Barack Obama. You said that she would make a better president.

    Vidal: Well, I was in a thoughtful mood.

    Atlantic: Do you really wish you had supported Mrs. Clinton?

    Vidal: She would have been a wonderful president.


    Atlantic: What is Ted Kennedy’s real legacy?

    Vidal: It’s nothing.

Vidal says the following about John Kennedy, former President:

    He was a good friend—witty, sharp, and very smart. I would rather be with him than practically anybody now alive. But what did he do for us in a thousand days? He invades Cuba, fucks up, and brings the world close to a nuclear collision over the so-called missiles down there in Cuba. Deplorable.

Well...let it never be said that there wasn't at least one or two areas where I agree with Mr. Vidal.

In the interview, Vidal also refers to the 13-year old girl who was brutally raped by Roman Polanski as a "young hooker," that he's not about to weep over a "young hooker [who] feels as though she's been taken advantage of."

Well, then...perhaps we could say the same thing about Matthew Shepard? We can refer to him as a young gay hooker who happened to be murdered in part because of his sexuality. No big deal. We shouldn't weep over him. He asked for and got what he deserved, right? I mean, hey, I'm only thinking along the lines of the great Liberal Gore Vidal.

Gore Vidal. Aging, Raging Bitter Queen. Rendered Obsolete Several Decades ago.


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Careful now DD, picking on raging queens can be classified as a hate crime thanks 100% to Demoshitheads. Hmmmm. Just thinking though, "Queens Rage" could be the name of a heavy metal queer band. Kind of like "Blue Oyster Cult" meets "Erasure" and they all go mega turbo queer.
I like that name, "Queens Rage." Unfortunately the group that comes to mind is Vidal, Elton John, Anderson Cooper and spBarney spFrank as the band, lisping their way through classics like, "Mad About the Boy," and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

Jesus Christ...now there's a parody and satire that writes itself.
Wow. I'm pretty libertarian about most stuff and even I think a thirteen year old should be given the benefit of the doubt when raped, especially when drugs were used.
Think about it. How would you feel if some clergyman raped a 13 year old using drugs, got convicted, left for another country and got detained years later? You'd still want him sent to jail. Be consistent. Lock child rapists up.
You're part of the problem that Mr.Vidal so aptly rages against...the dumbing down of Americans(not America)....he's more vital and prescient now than he's ever been.
You, like many conservatives, cannot get clear of the whole "gay" thing...so strangely fascinated by what happens in a persons bedroom....why is that?

I AM in support of the 13 yr old girl raped by Roman Polanski. What you read is Gore Vidal saying the 13 yr old girl raped by Polanski is a "hooker." His words, not mine. I think Polanski is scum and agree that child rapists should be locked up for life.

"The dumbing down of Americans..." comes directly from the Liberal side of politics. We are told we're not smart enough to decide what types of lightbulbs to use in our homes and that we cannot make up our own minds about so-called man-made global warming. Let Big Nanny Govt take care of us because we can't make those decisions. Get real.

I "get" the gay thing. People like you and Vidal like penises in their mouths and up their poopers. That's okay by me. Go for it. It seems like its the Libs who are fascinated by South Carolina Gov Mark Sanford's affair and Larry Craigs rest room antics.

Vidal has never been less prescient or vital than he is now...a sad, old, raging, self-hating queen.
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