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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Biden Lies About Stimulus Job Creation;
U.S. Unemployment Almost At 10%

Herr Biden tried to pass of the Obama Stimupork program as one that has created and saved hundreds of thousands of jobs. He's lying. Just like he's
still lying about his wife being killed by a "drunk driver," and how he lies about not being anti-Second Amendment or pro-gun control.

Biden said that the Obama stimulus package is working as intended and has created or saved one million jobs. L.A. Times:

    Vice President Joe Biden today defended the Obama administration's efforts to revive the economy, acknowledging that some errors may have been made but saying that the programs of direct funds and tax credits have created or saved more than 1 million jobs.

    "The Recovery Act is performing as advertised, playing its part in lifting Americans back up," Biden said at a televised bipartisan news conference in Washington, D.C., with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, and Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, a Democrat.

Herr Biden is either deliberately lying, dumb as a rock or deliberately perpetuating propaganda and rhetoric based on his Marxist tendencies and the Fascist Regime that employs him.

From The World Socialist Web Site, and honestly, you have to love it when a true Socialist like the WSWS calls out someone like the Marxist Biden, telling him he is full of doody:

    According to the White House web site, recovery.gov, stimulus contracts awarded by federal agencies accounted for only 30,383 new jobs over the last eight months.


    In damage-control mode, Vice President Joseph Biden’s office on Monday said the Recovery Act had actually saved 250,000 educational jobs by aiding bankrupt school districts. In fact, the pittance given to schools—which comes with the caveat that they implement merit pay, charter schools and other attacks on public education—has hardly slowed the slashing of public school employment.


    The [Obama] administration is deliberately using the hammer of mass unemployment to undermine the resistance of the working class to corporate America’s drive to slash wages, destroy what remains of past social gains and drive up productivity.

The story also mentions that:

    ...in the state of Michigan—which leads the nation with a 15.3 percent unemployment rate—only 397 jobs were “created or saved.” This is a tiny fraction of the tens of thousands of workers who lost their jobs in the state under Obama’s forced restructuring of GM and Chrysler.

Heck...I bet all you good American Union Families and Union Auto Worker members in Michigan...I bet you're happy that you voted for The Kenyan in the election and are sure proud of him and all the great things he's done to help you find good-paying American jobs in Michigan, huh?

Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate in the U.S. is 9.8 percent. Heck...let's round that up to an even ten-percent, shall we?

Remember when The Fraudulent Obama Crime Family played The Fear Card early this year, telling Americans that if Congress didn't pass his stimupork program the U.S. would risk experiencing an unemployment rate of 8.5 percent?

Yep. It's a good thing we're in debt and deficit for trillions and trillions of dollars. It's money well-spent. The economy is booming. Unemployment is at an all time low.



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Welcome back DD. As always you got it right. Nobody lies like a Dumbasscrat. Nobody. I love it when Barry Odipshit and Joe Bidet crow about the wonders of stimupork. So sad to say but stimupork doesn't equate to real economic growth. Wait till recession II hits next year. It's gonna be fucking ugly.
I don't think we've seen the worst of it, not by a long shot, Molson. Barry won't rest until there's a national UE rate of 35-45% and he can institute his ultra-Marxist Soros-propagated agenda. The funny thing is, the Cultists think O'Fraudy will take care of them. What they don't realize is he doesnt give a crap about them. But they'll maintain their "blinder-on", mantra-repeating, dutiful obedience. Just like the followers of Charles Manson. Just like the Jim Jones' cultists. Just like the Hale Bop cult followers. A cultist is a cultists. Belief before truth, reality and objectivity.
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