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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

One Hit News

The city of Phoenix is prohibiting churches from bell-ringing. Courthouse News Service:

    Three churches say Phoenix is unconstitutionally prohibiting them from ringing their bells. A Catholic bishop was convicted and sentenced to 3 years probation and 10 days in jail - suspended - for violating a noise ordinance by ringing the carillon, according to the federal complaint. Christ the King Church says it has stopped ringing its bells "for fear of future prosecution."

    St. Mark's Catholic Church, Christ the King Church and the First Christian Church want to ring "carillon bells from their locations ... as part of their religious exercise, but fear that they will be prohibited from doing so," the complaint states.

    Bishop Rick Painter of Christ the King was sentenced on June 3 to a suspended jail sentence and probation after he rang the church's bells.

- - - - -
Controversy as free coffee for cops means better protection for shops? Copenhagen Post:

    Police have been paying extra attention to shops and restaurants where they are also getting freebies and discounts

    There have long been jokes about police and their fondness for doughnuts, but it seems that coffee is the order of the day for cops looking for freebies.

    Politiken newspaper reports that the 7-Eleven convenience store at Højbro Plads Square in central Copenhagen has been giving out free coffee to officers in a bid to create more security at the premises.

    The store is located at a busy junction of two pedestrian streets and the store manager arranged the deal with local police, according to manager of the 7-Eleven chain Lars Simonsen.

    ‘This is a store that is open day and night and there can be trouble at nighttime. That’s why the owner made a deal with the police so they can get free coffee in exchange for more security or just to keep up a good relations with police,’ Simonsen said.

    Police sources told the paper that it is common for city cops to get free coffee and discount meals from a number of central shops and restaurants.


    The news comes seven years after the ‘Whoppergate’ scandal in Aalborg, North Jutland, when a local Burger King was found to be giving free burgers to local cops in order to discourage theft and crime in the restaurant.

- - - - -
Italian scientists use MRI to predict senility. Life in Italy:

    A brain scan may be able to spot mental problems associated with old age in time to prevent them, Italian scientists said Monday.

    According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, tell-tale lesions in the white matter of the brain can predict memory loss, mood swings and other problems before they appear.

- - - - -
Falun Gong criticize Hong Kong court ruling. Taipei Times:

    Five Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners yesterday criticized a Hong Kong court for giving in to pressure from Chinese authorities.

    In a legal battle that has lasted for more than six years, the Court of Appeal of the High Court of Hong Kong on Friday dismissed their appeal of a ruling in their case against Hong Kong’s Immigration Department.

    The case stems from an incident in February 2003 in which Hong Kong immigration authorities refused entry to more than 80 Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners at Hong Kong International Airport. The Taiwanese had valid visas and were on their way to attend a conference.

    Following the incident, four of the practitioners filed a court complaint arguing they had been denied entry based solely on their beliefs. A fifth practitioner later joined the complaint.

    The immigration authority denied that the Taiwanese travelers were turned away because of their Falun Gong affiliation, claiming they posed a threat to national security.

- - - - -
Clinton crony James Carvile advises Afghanistan's "Taliban with a tie." Kabul Press:

    James Carville, captain of Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaigns became an advisor to Afghan Presidential Candidate, Ashraf Ghani in early July. Carville has close ties to the Democratic Party, President Clinton and his wife, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Carville and the State Department claim neither he nor Ghani have the official backing of the U.S. government. No contract details have been disclosed, including any fees Carville might receive.

    Kabulpress suggests that the democracy-loving Carville might check a little further into the Ashraf Gahni’s background to see if he is really the person to lead Afghanistan into a just society governed under the rule of law by considering the following:


    Ghani’s candidacy is probably illegal. The Afghan Constitution requires that all Presidential candidates be citizens of Afghanistan. Ghani holds a U.S. passport, and according to sources at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, he has never applied to rescind his U.S. citizenship.


    Ghani’s political choices are deeply questioned by millions of Afghans who lived through the Taliban reign of terror. Many call him the “Taliban with a tie.”

Boy...it's a good thing this sort of Nation Building with an alleged Taliban member (Ghani, not Carvile, but really, who knows for sure?) isn't tied to a Republican. If so, the shrill hysterical screams from The Left would be heard around the universe.


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