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Friday, September 04, 2009

Idiot Herr Biden Proclaims Stimulus Successful Beyond Expectations

I'm almost ready to take-back everything I ever wrote about Ashley Biden, daughter of Herr Joe Biden, and her cocaine addiction consumption. Excuse me...her alleged cocaine consumption.

I think it's her dad, Vice President Herr Biden who is the one snorting something. Drano, maybe?

Herr Biden shot his wad, claiming the stimulus wildly successful. APee:

    Vice President Joe Biden proclaimed success beyond expectations Thursday for the $787 billion economic stimulus, but his glowing assessment overlooks many of the program's problems, including delays in releasing money, questionable spending priorities and project picks that are under investigation.


    "The Recovery Act is doing more, faster and more efficiently and more effectively than most people expected," he said.


    Biden noted 192 airports targeted for improvements with stimulus money, but made no reference to the investigation launched after a federal watchdog raised concerns about how the projects were selected.

    Transportation Department Inspector General Calvin Scovel said last month he will examine the Federal Aviation Administration's process for selecting programs for the $1.1 billion in grant money. His announcement came after his office discovered that the Obama administration used stimulus money to pay for 50 airport projects that didn't meet the grant criteria and approved projects at four airports with a history of mismanaging federal grants.

    And Biden praised the more than 2,400 military construction projects paid for with stimulus money, but ignored the millions of dollars in savings the Defense Department lost because it hasn't competitively bid many of the jobs.

Well, Liberals have always - always - hated the Military, so it's no surprise that the Fascist Obama-Biden Regime won't permit them to partake in the bidding process.

I don't what he's snorting. Whatever it is, it's rotted what few remaining brain cells he had left.

Joe Biden. Stupidest Vice President Ever. EVER!


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Yeah Old Joe makes Mr. Potatoe look like a rocket scientist. I can see why Fraudy picked him.
What a dumb fuck Biden is. If he were a Repub, the press and the Libs would ridicule him far beyond the realms that they ridiculed Dan Quayle, who is actually a very intelligent man.

Biden. Dipshit. Fucking TARD. Asshat. Moron. Fool. Dumb as dirt.
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