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Friday, September 04, 2009

How Will Ted Kennedy Be
Spending Labor Day Weekend?

Gee....I wonder...I wonder how Fat Dead Ted Tumor Head Kennedy will be spending Labor Day Weekend?

I wonder what he will be doing?

Well, feeding the worms, of course! (Rim shot!) (Cue riotous laughter!)

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Remember, it's Liberal Icon, Talk Radio Mike The Rapidly Decaying Corpse Malloy who said, "it's fun to speak ill of the dead."

I'm simply taking my cue from him and you know what? It IS fun to speak ill of the dead. Especially when the dead is a Liberal POS like Ted Kennedy!


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"All those worms makes me hungry!!!"

Teddy "my name is Ted, nice to meet you" Kennedy
It has begun!

How long until he abolishes the Constitution?
Van Jones is Van Gone!!

Add some tomato sauce and yeah...it's worm spaghetti! Mmmmmmmm. Worm spaghetti!

Nice post at your blog. Kudos.

My only fear here is that another Silver Platter being handed to the Conservatives and they will do NOTHING with it. Dumbasses.

Oh Lordy day...I move more and more to Libertarianism each day.

If the Repubs/Conservatives won't fight for this, and healthcare, what WILL they fight for? By then it will be too late.
I just noticed that the second link above is not working.

Here it is:

Thanks Mats.

Did I get the link wrong?
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