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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hillary "MrsSatan" Clinton Orders
Investigation of Afghanistan Parties
Involving Hookers and Booze

Secretary of Chicanery, Hillary "MrsSatan" Clinton has ordered the investigation of parties in Afghanistan that allegedly involved hookers, booze and other "deviant behavior." NY Daily News:

    Secretary of State Clinton ordered an investigation on Tuesday into the Animal House revels of private guards at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan - including booze, hookers and other "deviant behavior."

    "These are very serious allegations, and we are treating them that way," State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said of photo and e-mail evidence of the "climate of fear and coercion" at the living quarters of ArmorGroup guards.


    Clinton has "zero tolerance" for the behavior described...

I am surprised that Hillary knows about any of these allegations. She spent most of her adult life claiming she wasn't aware of her husband carrying on one extra-marital affair after another after another.

And MrsSatan has "zero tolerance" for the alleged behavior? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, good Lordy day, in a bong-induced, creative mindset, I could never, ever have thought up such satire or parody as Hillary claiming to have "zero tolerance" for hookers, booze and deviant behavior. Never.

Hillary...having a zero tolerance for hookers and booze. Jeebus Keeeey-Riiiiist Almightly, LOOK AT WHO SHE'S MARRIED TO! At least she has an expert to rely on for deviant behavior, hookers and booze. Maybe Eliot "I paid for hookers for almost ten years" Spitzer can also be a resource for her. He must have a lot of spare time on his hands.

The bestest, role-model marriage, evah !
Those Good Olde Democrat Family Values !

The Liberal Inmates of the asylum have the keys. We're in such good hands, huh?


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What the hell is wrong with that skank? What does she think you're suppose to have with your hookers? Green tea?
Bill and Hilary are married just for the formality and to save appearances of a so-called "good couple" that has been through harsh times and bad times and has broke through and conquered.

My ass...
"Hillary claiming to have "zero tolerance" for hookers, booze and deviant behavior."

What other "deviant" behavior is she talking about exactly? Putting a gun in your ass and pulling the trigger? A contest of who is going to urinate the furthest after 10 beers?

Hell, isn't it party time in the army. No wonder most US soldiers were coming back from Viet Nam with heroin addictions.
Green tea and Hookers. It sounds like the title of a perverted Dr. Suess Book.

Oh...there's a PhoChop and Suess-like verses in there somewhere. Maybe something will materialize over the weekend.

Yeah. And she's the one who said on "60 Minutes" (when he was Candidate Bill Clinton), she's not just standing by her man like the Tammy Wynette song.

This is ALL SHE'S DONE is stand by her meal ticket...ur, husband, for all his cheating, boozing, snorting, lying, corruption and deviant behavior (i.e. sticking a cigar up Lewinsky's cooter). WTF is she talking about, that she won't stand for this type of behavior?!?

She's married to one of the most deviant men on the planet. She is so full of shit and lies.

She's a typical liberal Cunt who hates those who put their lives on the line so she has the freedom to be the cunt that she is.
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