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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Did Obama Start The LA Fires?

News agencies are reporting that investigators believe that the massive Los Angeles fires were "human-caused." APee:

    The blaze has destroyed more than five dozen homes, killed two firefighters and forced thousands of people to flee. Firefighters reported modest progress Wednesday as investigators said the blaze was human-caused, though it was not clear exactly how the fire started or whether it was accidental or arson.

I bet it was Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Saddam Hussein Obama, Junior who started the fires. Yep. It had to be. Could The Kenyan be a pyromaniac? An arsonist? Hey...who knows?

All I'm sayin' is that Obama started the L.A. fires. I mean, heck, if W. Bush and Cheney were the ones who blew up the levees in New Orleans, we can draw the same conclusion about Obama deliberately starting the L.A. Fires, right? And the reason Barry started the fires is because he hates white people. Maybe he tossed his lit crack pipe or a doobie out of his limo? Yeah, yeah...that's what happened. Yep. It's all so clear now.

Obama, all wee weed up, started the L.A. fires. Blame Pbama. Everything is his fault, now.

Obama started the L.A. Fires. There is simply no other explanation.


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Barry didn't mean to do it. The arugula made him gassy and with the static cling and the dry air well the next thing you know... raging wildfire. At least he was able to light his joint before the first house burnt down.
Finally, I chose to publish my first picture from your web site:


Best regards,


"At least he was able to light his joint before the first house burnt down."

It would have been funnier if we said

At least he was able to light his joint before the LAST house burnt down.

Like he is so stone that he is unable to light up his doobie yak yak yak ;)!!!

At least he was able to light his joint before the first house burnt down.

Another gem and why I so much so wish you started a political blog. You think up some of the most beautiful, outrageously funny one-liners ever. Honest to god.
Thanks Tym.

You (and anyone else, really), but especially you, are free to reproduce my work whenever it strikes you. You don't even have to ask. You know this. It is most flattering. I'm a pretty low-key guy, so when someone likes what I do, I am humbled by it. Thanks, man.
Wait... first Michael Jackson isn't really dead and now Obama is starting fires? I just don't know how much of this I can take!!
It's true, Bug.

The moon landing was faked too. All done is a studio.

It's all smoke and mirrors. ;-)

No wonder I saw the US flag in a telescope while watching the moon couple years ago.

Btw, did Pbama celebrated that event in any way or was he too busy kissing his Islamic brotherhood from Kenyia and Indonesia while preparing the coup d'etat for his socialized-communist health care reform?
Wow - I just found you today. You are hilarious. Comeon a my house sometime (rightonarizona.blogspot) and share the fun as we discuss Kennedy breast-stroking his way across the river Styx. Anywho I am becoming a follower today - you are brilliant and edgy and a tad scary-fun. The Mensawarrior

I cannot answer the question you ask...that which is your final sentence.

I think I can answer one thing though, involving his wife Michelle Pickles: we know what she was doing when the moon landing took place: she was busy not being proud of her country. This much we know. ;-)

Thank you. I have stopped by and visited your site. Good stuff. Anyone who bashes the Kennedy males is on the right side.

"A tad scary-fun"??? Na, I'm a pussycat who just enjoys treating the Liberals and Progressives the way they treat everyone who doesn't inject their Kool Aid.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Don't be a stranger, now!
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