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Monday, September 07, 2009


Groovy Vic clues us in on "Messiah Tuesday", the day that Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Saddam Hussein Obama, Junior indoctrinates and brainwashes the school children Children of The Corn.
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Mean Ol' Meany recaps the best of the bestest on Drive-By Blogging Sunday Politics .
- - - - -
Time to stock up on toilet paper. Butch at 123Beta says P.O.O.P is coming. Uh-oh! I can't wait!
- - - - -
Conservative UAW Guy, yet another blogger who, like me, bids a unique farewell to the Unindicted Manslaughterer Fat Ted Dead Tumor Head Kennedy.
- - - - -
The Mad Jewess is accused of being a "racist."
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What do Linda Ronstadt, Zeppelin, Kronos Quartet and Leon Redbone have in common? Well, you'll have to click the link and find out at Blogonomicon.
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Liberal Utopia examines the Mary Jo Kopechne Health Choices Act of 2009.
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The Mets' new stadium is crumbling. Where else would you read about this if not at T.C.'s Leather Penguin?
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Nuke examines The Eric Holder File.
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Two favorite things of The Digital Brownshirt.
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More Commie Diversity in the Pbama Administration examined by The Velvet Hammer at Ironic Surrealism.


This was sweet, Drake :)
Bless you.
the Mad Jewess
Well, we both have been called that. And I know you are most definitely NOT a racist.

The Left plays The Race Card every chance they get now with Pbama. It's all they have and they play it over and over again. Neither of care what color he or anyone else is. It is his POLITICS that are the issue, not his skin color. The Left will not admit this, though. If they did, they would be admitting that they acknowledge his policies SUCK and admitting their RANK HYPOCRISY! And they will never ever do that.

They would be humorous if the issues were not so serious and their policies so dangerous to the US and freedom world wide.

1:24 PM, September 07, 2009
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