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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Will Ling and Lee Owe Bubba
a "Happy Ending?"

MSNBC is reporting that North Korea will be releasing journalists spies Laura Ling and Euna Lee. The release follows "exhaustive talks" that involved ex-president Bubba "The Perjurer" Clinton.

Let's see now...U.S. diplomacy under the Clinton Admin was one of appeasement and pacification. During this time, North Korean leader Kimmy Il Jong ratcheted up nuclear enrichment and development and made countless threats toward South Korea.

Along came the W. Bush Admin, and North Korea didn't dare pull the same kind of stunts it had under Clinton. Kimmy and North Korea knew it couldn't get away with such actions.

Now, under Dear Leader His Excellency The Cowardly Barack Hussein Obama, Junior, North Korea is up to its old tricks again. They know Obama can be pushed around and he won't do a damn thing to defend himself or the U.S.

It takes Bubba The Rapist to negotiate the release of Ling and Lee (sounds like a panda duo, doesn't it?), which begs the question, why is Bubba doing this instead of his wife, Hillary MrsSatan because she's Secretary of State. Once again it takes a man to do a job that a woman could not.

Madeleine Albright, appeasing North Korea during the Clinton Admin.

What is North Korea getting in return for this? Don't think that Kimmy did this without some sort of under-the-table deal. What did Obama promise Kimmy? Where is the transparency?

Of course, thinking like a conspiracy-theorist Liberal we can only propose that the capture of Ling and Lee was all part of an agreed upon plot between Obama and Kimmy for reasons that have not yet been publicized.

Personally, I think that Ling and Lee ARE SPIES, not "journalists." The Left would have no problem labeling them as spies in the time of a Republican-held White House. Ling and Lee should be doing hard labor for twelve years. Screw them, I think this whole story is a bunch of public relations crap; a manufactured story from the outset.

Get ready for the Ling and Lee Media Tour, folks. It will make the MSM coverage of Michael Jackson seem like a minor footnote in popular culture.

"Oooooooo, Mista Bill, we rove you rong time. Rong, rong time, give you very 'happy ending,'" said Ling and Lee as Bubba climbed up onto the masseuse table. Yeah...masseuses...uh-huh.


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Well I hope bubba remembered to bring 2 pairs of knee pads and 2 cigars, ling and lee will have a ball apiece. As for why hillbilly didn’t go it’s because she had to run to Kenya for something (hmmm wonder if it has something to with a little certificate that is being authenticated) good job bubba and by the way who the hell paid for his trip?
Yeah, and you know, if you read the link within the story to my previous post on Ling and Lee, one of them admitted they sneaked across the border by lying, claiming to be an "assistant to a doctor." Well, they lied, did the crime. Do the time.

I did read that Hillary traveled to Obama's homeland, Kenya. I wonder if she's trying to obtain the real birth certificate of the Usurper in Chief?
I do believe that is why hillbilly is over there, also remember she was the first to question the brown clowns eligibility, as for ling and lee I have to wonder if this was not a set up by the current administration to add a feather to their cap. While people are high fifing and slapping each other on the back, I myself have to contemplate what’s going on with our American solider that is being held by Taliban. There’s no news and no word on his health maybe bubba should see the Taliban and negotiate with them, oh but wait there wouldn’t a virgin much less 70 of them left within a 200 mile radius.
I agree. Send The Rapist...er, Bubba, over to negotiate the release of the POW. Bubba won't do that, he knows he'd fail.
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