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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Terrorist Plays Get Out Of Jail Free Card Because He Has Prostate Cancer

Terrorist Abdel Basset Ali Mohamed Al-Megrahi, whose name is so fukcing long I will refer to him as Prostate Cancer Terrorist (PCT), was released from prison. CRI News:

    British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Friday that the sight of the Lockerbie bomber "getting a hero's welcome in Tripoli is deeply upsetting."

    Scottish authorities on compassionate grounds Thursday released Abdelbasset Ali Mohmedal-Megrahi, who has been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, to return to Libya to die.

    The Times reported that Megrahi flew out of Britain as a dying man deserving of compassion and landed in Libya a national hero when a crowd waving Libyan and Scottish flags welcomed him at the Tripoli airport as he emerged from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's private jet.

    The former Libyan intelligence agent served eight years of a 27-year minimum sentence on charges of murdering 270 people, including 189 Americans when a Pan Am plane blew up over Lockerbie in December 1988.

    It was reported that the White House expressed deep regrets over the decision to release Megrahi. The decision also infuriated the families of many of the U.S. victims of the bombing.

    Miliband stressed that the decision to release Megrahi on compassionate grounds was taken by Scotland alone.

    "We have been scrupulous in saying that this decision should be made by the Scottish authorities. We have been scrupulous in saying that to the Libyans," he said. "We have been scrupulous in saying that to the Americans. We've also been scrupulous in our engagement with the Scottish government."

    The foreign minister said that the world will be watching Libya because of Megrahi's release.

    "How the Libyan government handles itself in the next few days after the arrival of Megrahi will be very significant in the way the world views Libya's re-entry into the civilized community of nations," Miliband said.

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown wrote to Gaddafi, asking that there be no hero's welcome for the Lockerbie bomber and that Libya act with sensitivity.

Uh-huh...yeeeeeeah...well, PCT received the "hero's welcome" anyway. Nice, huh? And I think we can forget about Libya being part of the civilized community of nations. They have just proven they are savages.

Of course, American Liberals are deeply sympathetic to PCT. You see, he issued a feigned apology, and doing this really strikes at the center of the black hearts of American Liberals. They actually believe his apology. They hate America as much as PCT.

Heck, American Liberals forgave mass murderer Stanley "Tookie" Williams and begged and protested that he not be executed because he wrote a children's book while in prison.

Remember how American Liberals hated Timothy McVeigh? But oh damn, they love them their Muslim Terrorists and serial killers, huh?

I refuse to link to it, but American Television Network SeeBS has video of PCT's welcome and they've titled it: "Bomber's Triumphant Return." A "Triumphant Return." Yes, my, how "Triumphant." Maybe PCT will be TIME's Man of The Year come December. It would not surprise me.

The best Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior could muster is to call the release of PCT a "mistake." APee:

    US President Barack Obama has described the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi as a "mistake" and called on the Libyan government to place him under house arrest.

Whoa...don't mess with The Kenyan, huh? Them sure is some tough words from Barry! Huh? ?

I wonder...I wonder if any of the families who lost loved ones in this heinous Lockerbie attack of terrorism voted for Pbama? I wonder how they feel now...now that their Dear Cult Leader has shown himself to be a Coward and such a terrorist sympathizer? Well, I suppose he got that way hanging around Domestic Terrorists Williams Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. It's hard for Barry to break his old habits of hating America and Americans.

Well, PCT can look forward to his 72 virgins in Hell. But without a prostate, he's won't be able to do much with them.

Rot in Hell PCT, rot in Hell.


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Deleted cuz it was one of those linkers to a commercial site.

No free advertising here honey.
"US President Barack Obama has described the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi as a "mistake" and called on the Libyan government to place him under house arrest.

Upon hearing this, the libians gave the Innocent-in-Chief the proper answer.
Heh, really Mats. Wow did those people in the video appear to be drunk off their minds. They sure were having fun. That's too funny. Thanks, man.

- - -

Hey - I saw on the syndicated BBC News about a beach in Portugal where the cliffs collapsed killing and injuring many people. So tragic. Can you tell me any more about it than what is being covered on the news? The area was so beautiful.
Yeah, that was down south in the Algarve (during the beach season, it gets over 1 million more people).
I heard about it first time last Friday, and at that time they were still unearthing people who were down there.
Some people especulate that there was a earth quacke (sp?) around that area that might have helped the collapse.. :-| So sad..

So much pain in this world.

People went down there to find peace and they found death. Better yet, death found them.
Life is so fragile. All it takes is one bad turn and everything is over. All our hopes, dreams, plans and all the is emotionally attached to it.
death found them.

Yes, it did, unfortunately.

From the BBC news coverage, the beach and sea (ocean) area was just gorgeous. I can see why people would want to vacation there. Just an awesome, beautiful, majestic area. And such a sad tragedy for it to happen when people are on vacation or out to relax and enjoy themselves.

I hope that those who were rescued will recover fully and that those who lost family and friends manage to find peace and solace down the road.

I don't know what could be done to have ever prevented the collapse because the cliffs are so high. It didn't look feasable to try and restrict people from the cliffs area because it was so close to the beach.

So very sad.
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