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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ted Kennedy: Seizures and Paralyzed

Liberal U.S. Senator and unindicted manslaughterer Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy is reported to be paralyzed and suffering seizures. National Enquirer:

    Ted Kennedy was left paralyzed after being hit with a devastating seizure, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

    Although he'd been fighting a valiant battle against brain cancer for more than a year, the 77-year-old senator was jolted by a frightening seizure in mid-July that paralyzed the right side of his body and left his speech slurred.


    "No one wanted to see him paralyzed. We couldn't think of the 'Lion of the Senate' going out that way."


    The medical setback prevented Ted from making an appearance outdoors at the Kennedys' annual July 4 clam bake, although he was able to go outside July 10.

    Only days later, however, he was rocked by another, more intense, seizure and collapsed, according to multiple sources.

His "speech was slurred." Bwa ha ha ha ha! With his 24/7 degree of inebriation, his speech is always slurred.

And Awwwwwww, poor fat ass alcoholic couldn't make it to his clam bake. I wonder how many clam bakes Mary Jo Kopechne has missed since Fat Ted Tumor Head left her to die in 1969?

Ted wears a neck brace for sympathy, not because of any real injury.

If I haven't made if perfectly clear and obvious, I have no sympathy or compassion for this IRA sympathizer - not one single molecule - who left an innocent woman to die a slow, tortuous four-hour death.

Hell waits for Ted Kennedy.

"Lion of the Senate?" More like LIAR of the Senate.


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BHAWHAAAAAAA! When wasn’t his speech slurred? Pay back is a bitch isn’t it! I think we should battle the national debt by charging people to kick him in his ass! Hell I’d pay a grand for a chance at whackateddy mole!
I have no sympathy, none, zero, not a hair follicles worth for Fat Ted. I am, believe it or not, a very compassionate person who forgives almost anyone for anything. I have forgiven people in my life who have done some of the meanest most hurtful things to me and my family.

But Fat Ted gets none from me. He should spend a few years incapacitated sitting in a diaper full of his own shit for penance. But Hell is waiting for him. He's going to be Satan's personal whore. No one deserves it more than Fat Ted. No one.
fuck Tumor Head. Paralyzation and seizures are too good for him.
EC, I hate Ted Kennedy and all Kennedy males. They have caused nothing but pain and suffering of all the women in their lives (treating them like dirt) and everyone else in this nation and abroad. They are the bane of American politics. There is no doubt at all that if the Kennedy family had been Republicans, the response would be, "who are the Kennedys?"
I finally found a place where I am all for assisted suicide...
Arc, as Pbama says, perhaps Ted will want to take a pain pill instead of live. As if 70+ years of being in a state of 80-proof doesn't equal at least a whole bottle of pain pills.
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