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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Stimulus Spending Ignores Crumbling Infrastructure

Remember how during the presidential campaign The Left made a great deal over crumbling infrastructure? They were playing the Fear Card on all levels; federal, state and local. The Left told us as fact that bridges were falling down for no reason and those still standing could collapse at any moment for a variety of reasons.

Barely moments after the I-35W bridge collapse Minnesota U.S. Senator, CommieCrat Amy Klobodunce blamed Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and other Republicans. Other CommieCrats jumped on the same bandwagon, that bridges were falling and roads were crumbling because we weren't spending any money on them. They blamed W. Bush's wars that they said were taking money away from roads and bridges.

Streets, roads and highways? Instantly turning from asphalt and concrete to chunks of rock and and gravel, The Left told us. Highways disintegrating before our eyes, the worst shape ever, nothing but unpaved, rut-filled mud and dirt that made us long for the days of mud-lined, deep-grooved roads circa the 1700s.

The answer to these catastrophic problems? The Left replied as usual, their standard and expected, "SPEND MONEY! And "SPEND IT QUICKLY!"

Does anyone remember the Dem catch-phrase, "Shovel Ready?" The Dems told us there would be all these jobs ready to go, fixing bridges that are ready to collapse should the weight of a feather fall on them. Repairing and patching roads that are in such a state of disrepair that not even donkeys and Sherman tanks can traverse them is the state of decay portrayed by the Dems.

It's only proper, then, to presume that our crumbling roads and collapsing bridges are a top, high, number-one priority, right? Not so much...not so much.

From APee:

    Tens of thousands of unsafe or decaying bridges carrying 100 million drivers a day must wait for repairs because states are spending stimulus money on spans that are already in good shape or on easier projects like repaving roads.

    [A BIG PART of Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's stimupork plan was to pay for rebuilding] what he called America's "crumbling bridges."

APee reports that half of those "crumbling bridges" scheduled to receive money have passed inspection with high marks and technically don't qualify for any federal money for upkeep or repair

A wooden bridge built in 1900 in West Virginia, deemed by the APee reports as "one of the nation's most unsafe structures," is not being repaired or upgraded. The stimupork money is being spent on repaving and widening roads, projects that require less planning and have a more immediate cosmetic appeal. Meanwhile, unsafe bridges are ignored or put on the back of the back of the burner.

The APee story states the following:

    The spending decisions by states are OK with the Obama administration.

If you listened to Amy Klobodunce and other LeftWing Wackos after the I-35 bridge collapse, their only message was that Republican spending, or lack of spending, blamed on W. Bush and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty - and all other Republicans - are to blame and at fault.

Not only was The Sky Falling, according to Klobodunce and her fellow Liberal Alarmists, bridges are crumbling, roads are disintegrating into dust the moment we drive over a patch of highway. It was CRITICAL that we allocate billions of dollars to IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT DELAY begin an intensive and time-sensitive spending program to avoid a perilous state of infrastructure. There was no time to lose. None. No time to lose.

So...why the delay? I thought our bridges and roads were of the topographic quality of the results of post-buster-bunker bombs?

The day will come where The Liberals will tell us we still don't have enough money for our "crumbling infrastructure." You will know they are lying, as usual. The problem is what it's always been; it's not that there isn't enough money. There's too much money. Way, way too much.

Blame Barry. It is his economy. He owns it.


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Aww hell it’s only the economy stupid! Just fire up the presses print more money and continue devaluing the dollar, banks smanks who cares, in Obama’s world the sky is red white and black and the swastikas are rainbows. The only pleasure I get out of this is his ugly ass daughters will get to live in the shit he is creating!
I knew that interstates are supposed to be of military priority so they are all managed by the feds. However, aren't secondary roads supposed to be managed by each state with their own taxation powers? The same is supposed to go for municipal (cities, towns and suburbs) roads that are of city, town and suburb taxation powers isn't it?

However, as far as interstates goes, I am being fearful that they will not be of such a priority in the nearby future with Obama inadministration of crass and blindly obvious incompetence.
It is the economy, stupid, and stupid is Barry, Biden and his Marxist cabal. This is what they want, BTfull1. Or, this is what Soros and whoever else are the puppet-masters want. They are using The Kenyan as their conduit.

I don't even know anymore how the Nanny Govt divvies up money for state, county, city, local road upkeep. It's always struck me as absurd that states send money to D.C. and then D.C. sends it back to the states telling them where and how they can spend it. What bullshit. The money has no business leaving the state. "All powers not expressly defined to the Federal Govt belong to the states..." Well, that's how it used to be until the Liberals fucked it up.
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