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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obsolete Fossil Mike Malloy Says He Hopes Glenn Beck Kills Himself On-Air

Liberal Radio's Rapidly Decaying Corpse Mike Malloy recently said that he hopes Conservative Talker Glenn Beck commits suicide during his broadcast. SF Gate:

    Mike Malloy, (now self-syndicated through Nova; heard locally on Green 960) seeking attention and ratings, lashed out at Fox News commentator, Glenn Beck, calling for Beck to commit suicide "on camera," particularly given that suicide "is rampant in his family" and that Beck apparently is "self-destructive."

    "I have good news to report," said Malloy on his Aug. 4 radio program. "Glenn Beck appears closer to suicide. I'm hoping that he does it on camera."


    If Malloy was indeed seeking attention, he got it, but ultimately, this type of "shock" pandering wears thin. It only makes Malloy look more foolish, and worse yet, provides sympathy for Beck. Now how dumb is that?

Well...it's real dumb...but then, no one has ever accused The Rapidly Decaying Corpse of intelligence or being educated.

Who cares what The Rapidly Decaying Corpse says? His radio program has no listeners. He's just trying to get an audience by saying something shocking, hoping to get some attention.

Malloy has been fired from one radio job after another. There's nothing more obvious than the jealousy from an unsuccessful person when their rage is directed at those that are successful.

Remember, I'm the one who coined what NOVA-M stands for: "Not One Verified Audience Member."

I'm no fan of Beck either. Used to be, but no longer. That's an entirely different post.

Hell is waiting for Malloy. I'm going be sooooooooooooooooooo drunk celebrating the death of this hate-mongering fossil. That's going to be a fun day for me!


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Typical liberal hater POS. Fuck him. Fuck him far up his desiccated old ass with an 80 grit sand paper dildo. Wait. Scratch that. He would love it. Just make him watch Glenn Beck 24/7 for a month. That would rid the world of this rancid old goat fart for good and the cocktails would flow.
Oh...Malloy is such a POS. A true and pure, ideal POS if ever there was one.

Beck on TV is okay, I just can't take his radio program any longer. He never stops talking, he never stops talking about himself, he never stops plugging whatever HE is selling. He's become another Hannity at shameless and flagrant self-promotion. And I didn't care for his ridiculing of Michael Jackson's death at all.
Haven't watched Beck lately. No TV. Never listened to his radio show. I'm sure I haven't missed anything. Don't have time for Hannity either. About the only I enjoy about those two is the mere mention of their names cause liberals to have projectile incontinence.
Their names do cause the Libs to have projectile incontinence. (ooooo - what an awful "visual" image that is!)

Conservative Talk Radio - in my opinion - and I realize this is all my own subjective take - is just in the shitter. The only ones worth listening to are the ones I listed over on the right side blogroll "Voices."

I haven't listened to Limbaugh in almost two years after he turned his program into "it's all about me" over that phony solider outrage letter sent to him signed by Dem Senators. And for the two seconds I've tuned into him since then, all he does is talk about himself and how someone either wrote or said something negative about him. Ditto Beck. And this has always been why Hannity makes me barf...he cannot stop talking about himself or mentioning his name.
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