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Friday, August 14, 2009

Obama Healthcare Protester Was
LEGALLY Carrying Pistol

The Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultists are really trying to hype the below story into something it is not. Well...what else can The Cultists do? They can't tell the truth about their Fraudulent Messyiah Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior...they have to lie.

Then again, what little remains of the Cultists' brains are so atrophied and brainwashed, they believe their lies are the truth and that the truth is really a lie.


William Kostnic was LEGALLY carrying his weapon as he protested Führer Pbama. Guardian:

    The placard read "it is time to water the tree of liberty!" - but it was not a water pistol strapped to the thigh of the protester waiting for Barack Obama, but a real gun.

    William Kostnic was waiting near the town hall at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where the president was due to address a meeting on his bitterly contentious plans for healthcare reform - but the 9mm pistol in the leg holster strapped outside his jeans was perfectly legal.

    In New Hampshire, as police informed an MSNBC television reporter, who duly passed on the news to his stunned anchorman, only carrying a concealed weapon is illegal.

    Kostnic's gun could hardly have been less concealed, and he was also standing on private property, in the grounds of a church near the town hall.

    Obama, according to a new book, is already receiving more death threats than any other American president, and the demonstrations as he tries to win support for his healthcare reforms are becoming daily more passionate. "One day God is going to stand before you and judge you!" one protester shouted earlier this week at Democratic Senator Arlen Specter during a heated exchange when the issue of healthcare arose at a local meeting.

    However even in a country where guns are often seen as a man's God-given right, television images of the armed protester shocked many viewers.

    "Just to be clear," the baffled MSNBC anchor said to the reporter on the scene. "You're saying a guy has a gun in the open - where we already know there are concerns about every president's safety, but certainly this president ... and the guy's just being allowed to stay there? Is that right?"

    The reporter replied that the chief of police had told him: "The law allows this man to be here."

I think Kostnic made a poor choice in judgement, but he was - and is - well within his LEGAL right to do what he did. Of course, The Pbama Cultists no longer care about "the rule of law," which they subjectively and capriciously apply in cases based entirely on their political bias.

Pbama has a solid and lengthy record of being anti-Second Amendment and pro-gun control; see here and here. And VP Herr Biden is also pro-gun control saying, "Banning guns is an idea whose time has come."


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Must be clinging to his guns.
A gun can be carried as long as it is seen in most of the states am I right?

Secondly, is it that easy to buy and own a gun in most states?

yeah, he sure is...clinging to his guns. And religion, since he was on the private property of a church.

Heh, pretty damn smart guy if you ask me. He knew exactly what his LEGAL rights were and exercised them to a "T". I give him big props for that.

I do not know, offhand, the answer to either of your questions. I would have to look them up and do some research.

But let me respond in the way a Liberal would reply to your questions:

Yes and yes! ;)
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