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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nazi Pelosi Says She Approves of Disruptors in 2006. But Now? Not so much.

Sieg Heil Nazi Pelosi

Speakeress of The House CommieCrat Nanny Nazi Pelosi said she did not approve what she interpreted as disrespectful behavior at town hall meetings over ObamaCare. You know, Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's Nationalized and Rationed Healthcare that a majority of Americas ARE AGAINST.

But not that long ago, in 2006, Nazi Pelosi said she is a "fan of disruptors

Go ahead, click on the above link and listen to Madame Botox, in her own words.

Remember the days when it was Patriotic to criticize and question our government? That was...that was...gee...I think when a Republican was in the White House.

Now, Madame Botox favors a Statist Government run by her Kenyan-born prednint tyrant.

My, how things have changed.


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