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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

If Obama Was Born In Hawaii, Then Why Are His Kenyan Records Sealed?

It seems like a fair question, right? If Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior was born in Hawaii (which he wasn't), why on earth would Kenya seal all records regarding him? Examiner:

    Obama was born at 7:24 p.m., on August 4, 1961, at Coast Provincial General Hospital, in Mombasa, Kenya. Surprisingly, the government authorities in Kenya have claim that all documents regarding Obama are “under seal.” That statement is just weird; Kenya shouldn’t have any birth records on our President.

    There are claims that Obama’s step-grandmother, Sarah Onyango Obama, told reporters that Barack Obama, Jr. was born in Kenya (Recording of the interview). She claims that when her stepson came to visit he was accompanied by a pregnant Ann Dunham. Sarah Obama also claimed that she was present in the Mombasa delivery room when Obama was born. Supporting Sarah’s claim, Obama’s half-brother and half-sister maintain he was born in Kenya. This would be consistent with the reported visit to Susan Blake in Washington in August 1961. A stop in Washington would be necessary for a return trip from Kenya to Hawaii.

    Michelle Obama [says the] story is full of holes and is most likely, not legitimate. If true, the candidate’s wife, in her statement, unknowingly admits that Obama was adopted by Indonesian Lolo Soetoro. She is incorrect in saying there is “no law” that will stop him. Eligibility requirements do exist and if he does not satisfy them he cannot be president. Obama’s wife also allegedly tells API that if it writes a “complimentary story” about her husband they would be invited to Obama’s inauguration ceremony. The campaign denies that FLOTUS spoke with API. API claims the conversation was recorded and the tape will be released, after it gives Michelle Obama a chance to release comments.

    API allegedly makes a deal with Fox News to broadcast the tape of the telephone call from Michelle Obama, which Fox denied. In late October, API is allegedly offered $2 million by Ed Hale, president of Plains Radio in Texas, to cancel its agreement with Fox. The Obama campaign supposedly offers API a $3 million to suppress the tape. The alleged recording is never released, it is likely that the entire API story is bogus and for the conspiracy theorist maybe a substantial amount was paid to withhold the release of the recording. API is still promising to release the tape in November 2009.

    Then there is the Kenyan Ambassador, Peter Ogego, who during a telephone interview with the Mike in the Morning show on WRIF radio, in Detroit, Michigan, admitted that it is a well known fact that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and plans are underway to build a memorial at the site of his birth.

The Kenyan Ambassador in his own words, acknowledges Obama Junior was born in Kenya.

We have a Constitutional Crisis on our hands, or soon will have. The person who stole the 2008 presidential election is not a naturally born United States Citizen. Period. End of story.


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How long can the Usurper deny the facts? I suspect even longer than the Cultists can.
I wonder, Molson...I wonder if the Cultists will rise up. The Clinton Cultists didn't. No matter what Bubba and his minions did, the Libs turned a blind eye and a deaf ear, to the point of calling his impeachment all about a blowjob instead of what it really was all about: PERJURY!

We'll learn who The Libs really are when Fraudys real country of birth is finally exposed. Remember, The Libs were staunch and strict believers in the Constitution when they believed W. and Cheney were "gutting it."

Now, when the Constitution really is violated, will they pipe up about it? I fear the answer is "no."

What do you think?
What I think is that I know you are right DD. The Cultists will stand by Fraudy like the good little Brownshirts that they are until the end of time. It's just that Fraudy seems to think he will outlast time.
Yes, Molson, yes...they are good little Brownshirts. Brownstains might be a better term, although if I put that in print in a post I will once again be labeled a "racist."
Although in the case of Obama, it's true that the fact that he was born in Kenya disqualifies him from the US presidency, I tend to find this constitutional requirement of poor value.

I think it impedes the USA to find the best president as one can get, for instance, we just have to notice that Arnold Schwartzenegger cannot ever become president of the USA since he was born in Austria.

In the case of people like Obama though, it makes all its sense. Who wants an anti-American enemy of the USA at the head of the country? Well, born in USA citizens got it now though.

"Information age hysteria is calling out to idiot America." (Green Day - American Idiot song)


Drake from orly’s blog on debunking the obot, Kool-Aid drinking. Looking for hand outs,. Want to sit on their asses, not a productive member of society, breeders….orly says…Debunking Obama’s thugs in the media
Recently Obama’s thugs in main stream media came up with this Bomford report in order to stop my efforts in exposing and prosecuting Obama. Though typically I don’t have time to waste on each and every dumb obot, since it got to National TV and my children”s friends called my children, I’ll spend a few minutes to debunk the obots:
1. Kenya became an independant country in 1963, not 1964. The seal of Kenya was correct.
2. More then one person had certified copies of this document.
3. the document was not issued at birth, but rather was a certified copy obatained in1964, when Kenya became independent
4. The documents from that time would not show Zanzibar, but rather Kenya
5. Bomford report was created to try to discredit my efforts
6.lastly, I am not supposed to waste my time and money on this issue, Obama us the one who is supposed to provide evidence of legitimacy
7. Kenyan BC provides more info than the piece of garbage Obama posted on the n et, which doesn’t have the name of the hospital, name of the doctor or signatures.
8. Chioumi Fukino and Obama and all their Nazi Brown Shirts in the main stream media need to give it a rest and provide an original hospital BC and the corresponding big thick hospital Birthing file from the Kapiolani hospital. If they don’t have such a file, all of them need to resign immediately or they will be prosecuted for massive fraud and treason to this Nation. (in case you didn’t know, treason carries punishment of life in prison or death penalty)……..please visit her site and see the document she has…

This type of info is a pie in the face of RINOs who attack the "birthers" for what they thought was a dead issue.
Obama's election was a "good thing" in revealing the ugly face of RINOs among conservatives and republicans.
Let us hope that the more of a farce Obango Hussein Junior reveals himself to be, the more to the conservative side the USA and the world turns.

oh, and it's absurdly obvious that Hussein Junior has A LOT to hide by keeping his birth records out of the public eye.
The socialist kenyan in te white house has a lot to answer to the world, and specially (and mostly) to the american people.
I don't have time tonight to reply to comments. I am very sorry about this. I will try to get to it tomorrow. Thanks for understanding.
Hi David,

I invite you to read the very insightful Howard Galganov on the recent "salvation" of 2 journalists caught in North Korea:

A must read I can assure you David:

OK, I'm going to work my way backwards on replying to comments this one time.


Thanks for the link to Galganov. I've saved it and it is my required reading tonight. Every time you have recommended him, I've found his writing fantastic. Thanks for turning me on to his blog.
Mats, BTfull1, Tym -

all good points made. I wish the Cultists would put one-tenth of the effort into finding out the circumstances surrounding Pbama's birth as they did about "being so sure" that 9-11 was planned and orchestrated by Bush and Cheney.

We have to face facts. The Cultists aren't interested in anything but a Liberal foothold. Obama could say, "I was born in Kenya, ha ha ha," on television before a national audience and I'm betting his Cultists wouldn't give a shit. They don't care about the Constitution, even though they claim they do. They are not interested in facts. Facts tend to get in the way of their beliefs.

BTfull1, yes, you and others are correct on the 1963 date. Just because Kenya didn't adopt the name "Republic" until '64 doesn't mean it was not independent.

Orly is doing exceptional work. I wish her and Phillip Berg and Jerome Corsi expose the Fraud.
The longer we go with this subject and the more it's "covered up" the more guilty he seems. If he truly is an American born citizen then why on Earth is this an issue? And if it isn't an issue then why are American citizens still so worked up about his birth certificate? If he legally has the presidency... fine... we'll work to make sure he isn't elected again. But if he has it illegally then he needs to vacate so Biden can take over. OMG... we're doomed!!! :o)
And, Bug, to counter the rumors that he was born in Kenya or Indonesia, he could simply release the actual birth certificate instead of the Certificate of Birth, which is not the same as a birth cert.

Nor can he offer any believeable explaination why so many Kenyans say it is common knowledge that he WAS born in Kenya.
That's true... I remember trying to give a certificate of birth to my son's school once as proof of his age, etc. and was told it didn't count as the "official document". Hello... if I can't give it to my son's school why the hell is Obama allowed to offer it up as proof of his right to be president? I'm just saying...

The schools here won't even let you sign your kid up for summer sports without providing a birth certificate.

But I guess one can steal the White House without having to ever produce one.

Amazing, isn't it?
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