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Friday, August 14, 2009

First ObamaCare Health Cards Issued

Unreliable and unconfirmed sources tell me this is what the ObamaCare cards will look like.

Socialized, Nationalized and Rationed HealthCare. With Death Panel Reviews.

All courtesy of Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior...The Kenyan.


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Fraudy care. Yes we can... pump you up the ass.
ObamaCare is modeling right after eugenics and Hitlerian tactics. Kill em when they're young and kill 'em when they get too old.

Molson..I was a little kid when Carter was president. I remember my dad waiting in line at gas stations to put gas - which was rationed - into the car. Those now seem like the good old days.

Goddamn Liberals. I don't mean Traditional Dems. Those goddamn Liberals. Marxists...Socialists, Hitler Lovin' Liberals is what they are.
If only I vould have had zuch a cult following as ze Obama Kultists I vould have ruled ze vorld forever!
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