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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy Just Barely Liked by Half of Americans

Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy

Barely, just barely, half of Americans have a favorable opinion of CommieCrat U.S. Senator, Full-Time Drunk, Misogynist and unidicted manslaughterer Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy. LA Times:

    ...a new CNN/Opinion Research poll of 1,136 Americans (with an oversampling of blacks) just released reveals that the barest majority of fellow citizens have a favorable opinion of the senior Massachusetts senator -- 51%.

    That's down two points from last February and down five points from last August.

    His unfavorable percentage is holding steady right at 35-36%. Three percent claim to have never heard of the guy. And more than one in ten (11%, up from 7% in Feb.) say they don't even have an opinion about the man who once carried the glamorous mantle of his slain brothers' Camelot days and even tried for the presidency himself unsuccessfully.

    Relatively surprising numbers for a famous-named fixture in American politics for more than four decades. Is it the buried accumulation of feelings over his long-ago scandals -- the college cheating, the divorce, the Mary Jo Kopechne death?

You do know why a new poll was conducted, asking American's their perception of Fat Ted, right? Because when this Fat Fuck Dies, The Liberals and Progressives are going to expect that his death be treated with respect and dignity. SPIT!

And The Fascists will use his death in any way possible to advance their Nationalized, Socialized and Rationed Healthcare. SPIT!

And they're going to expect that
no one bring up or mention the harm he inflicted on so many people. SPIT!

Hell waits for this Fat Fucking Pig. A nice, toasty eternity. When this Fat Pig dies, it should be a day of national celebration, not mourning. I know that's how I'll be treating it.


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Good thing Obacare hasn't passed yet cause Uncle Ted isn't worth saving.
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