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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ted Kennedy Wishes Everyone
A Happy Chappaquiddick Anniversary

Saturday, July 18 is a memorable anniversary for Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy. It marks the day - evening, actually - where he left a woman to drown in what experts say was likely a torturous four-hour slow death.

Lemuel Calhoun has a fine post on the anniversary of this tragic event:

    In this life Ted Kennedy's name and family wealth has protected him from any real consequences of his actions (other than never being president). He is now an old man who is dying from cancer and has but a short span upon this earth left to him.

    He will very soon face One whose wheels of justice grind slow but grind exceedingly fine.

Nope, old drunken waddling Teddy has never paid a price for what he did forty years ago. At least not on this planet. That's okay, though. Something tells me if there is an afterlife, Ted will be spending eternity in a very awful place. And deservedly so.

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