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Friday, July 03, 2009

Taliban Claims U.S. Soldier Captured

The Taliban in Afghanistan claims they have captured a United States Soldier. XinhuaNet:

    Taliban insurgents fighting Afghan and the U.S.-led Coalition forces in the post-Taliban country on Thursday claimed capturing one U.S. soldier in eastern Afghan province of Paktika.

    Mawlawi Sagin who claims to be commander of Taliban fighters in Paktika province, told media from undisclosed location via telephone that his fighters captured an American soldier along with three Afghan counterparts.

    Sagin said these people were arrested Thursday morning in Yusuf Khil district while they were apparently drunk.

    He also added that a footage about the hostages would be released soon and Taliban leadership would decide the fate of the arrested U.S. soldier, who is the first service member, made captive since launching U.S.-led military campaign against Talibanregime in late 2001.

    Meantime, a US military spokesperson, according to media reports, has confirmed that one of their soldiers has been missing since June 30.

Will the Taliban abide by the Geneva Convention with how they treat the Soldier?

What will Cindy Sheehan say about this? What will Code Puke say? Has anyone heard anything from these Pacifists and Appeasers?

Instead of blaming the Taliban, The Left will blame Bush and America.

But the real blame, as any objective person knows, goes directly at The Kenyan.

Blame Barry. Blame Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior. HE pushed forward the agenda of the Afghanistan Surge. The Obama Cultists and Liberals were against W. Bush's Iraq surge, but they are so silent over their Cult Leader's Afghanistan Surge.

Why are we still in Afghanistan? Why are we still in Iraq?

Over five years of hyperbole and "we've lost" mentality from The Left with their "Bring The Troops Home Now," and "No More War!"

Yet, Barry's War Machine keeps right on rolling, right on rolling, right on rolling along.

Where is the "War is Always Wrong" crowd? Why so silent?

Liberal Suck. They suck. And they don't even suck well.


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